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Zero Hour

Like a Trainwreck Full of Clowns

3 June 1973
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Poly geek in Indianapolis. This journal is primarily about my life, with the occasional linked article or meme. Feel free to add and/or comment at will.

"Hectic and tainted with evil." – B!

If I've added you but not commented, it's probably because I found you interesting, but haven't read an entry yet where I felt I had anything intelligent to contribute. I know I should just say, "Hello!" but sometimes I'm a little shy, so I add people, and then comment later when I actually have something to say. So if I just showed up on your Friend Of list and are wondering why, it's 'cause I enjoy reading your comments in other's journals and/or your posts, and I'll eventually contribute something one of these days, or we have enough friends and/or interests in common that I thought you might be interesting. Feel free to add me back in the meantime, or don't -- I won't be insulted.

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I filter a number of my posts according to interest, so if you'd like to be on a specific filter, let me know here. I tend to add people to filters automatically according to their stated Interests (so, for example, if you list Polyamory as an interest, I'll add you to automatically to the Poly filter), but if you'd prefer to be added or removed to any of my filters, just let me know!