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Lunch with Ama and hotarugirl was fun, if short (damned half-hour lunch breaks). I hadn’t met Ama before, but she’s cute and amusing, and her bantering with hotarugirl was entertaining. They were nice enough to bring me lunch from the "blessed" through "faith" McDonald's, so I was happy.

Tonight I have a party to go to with Jero. It's with a pretty laid-back group, so it should be a good time. I've been feeling rather anti-social lately, but I'm in a pleasant mood today, so for once I'm not dreading a social engagement. With luck, I'll have more to say about the party tomorrow. Today I ran out of time at work, so only a micro-post today!

Have an excellent weekend, all.

PolyFamilies's Group Marriage Quiz
My Score: 14
11 -- 19 Range:
I'm fairly easy going and do okay in a group. Asserting myself from time to time doesn't hurt and keeps me from getting resentful.

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