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Three Day Weekend

I’m back from a very pleasant three-day weekend out of state. Friday when I got off work I drove out to Illinois to see cassiopia. I got there just after midnight, and cassiopia and I stayed awake long enough to snuggle and finish off the disc of Battlestar Galactica that we watched ¾ of during my last visit. After that it was time to snuggle and sleep, which with cassiopia was cuddly wonderful.

Saturday morning we woke up and cassiopia made us coffee, eggs, and toast (yeah toast!). After breakfast we snuggled back in bed and watched another BSG before I had to drag myself out to drive to St. Louis. It was good to have a day to nestle in and sleep in with cassiopia, but the visit still felt way too short. I need to find another weekend with her soon.

It was worth the drive down to St. Louis, however, because I got an all-too-rare chance to hang out with ona_tangent and scottak. This past weekend was my anniversary with ona_tangent, and it was great to see her again. Our two-states-away long-distance relationship means that I don’t get to see her nearly often enough, even though we’re pretty good about keeping close electronically between visits.

Saturday night when I got to St. Louis we all went out to have dinner with a friend of ona_tangent and scottak’s whose daughter just had a lung transplant. I got to meet transplantmom’s family, as well as see ohari and lavendargrrl. We ate and hung out at Applebee’s, and then went to the hospital to check on the transplant recipient, who apparently is doing well. After that we said our goodbyes and headed back to ona_tangent and scottak’s.

I brought ona_tangent Buffy Season 3 to borrow, and Wonder Woman season 2 as a (somewhat belated) holiday gift. We couldn’t figure out which we wanted to watch more, so I decided on an algorithm where we’d watch moody Buffy episodes at night, and bright Wonder Woman shows during the day. We snuggled up and started Buffy Season 3 before bed.

Sunday was great – I spent all day in my jammies. *grin* We watched Wonder Woman all day, and ordered pizza so we wouldn’t have to leave the apartment. scottak downloaded Voltron episodes for icespark and me, and we all watched YouTube videos and more Buffy. Sunday night scottak wanted to sleep on the couch, so eventually ona_tangent and I crawled off to bed.

Monday I had off for Martin Luther King Day. scottak had a first date, so while he was out ona_tangent and I had some good alone-time to cuddle. When he got back, we talked about going out to eat, but I had to get back to Indiana. I drove back to Indy and went to icespark’s, where I MUXed and role-played before shutting down my laptop and going to bed.

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