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Week in Review

The week started off well. Monday I woke up with hotarugirl and lildomino, and got to hang out with hotarugirl a while after lildomino went to work, before I, too, had to leave for my job. After work I went over to icespark’s to MUX, and got a lot accomplished although I was too swamped from my MUX mini-vacation to get much role-playing in, to the consternation of the director. I’ll have to try to make up for it next Monday.

Tuesday I was tired since back pain kept my up most of Monday night, and after work I just went home to try to work on my role-playing campaigns so I’ll be ready next time people are available to play. icespark had had a horrible day, so I told her she could come over, and we snuggled a bit before she went to sleep and I stayed up, answering email and MySpace mail while doing laundry. I didn’t actually get much campaign stuff done, but eventually I had to go to bed anyway.

Wednesday night I again had no social plans, so I stayed at work a little late to finish a backdated LJ post, and then headed home with the intention of more journaling. Once again I got distracted by email and laundry, so finally I gave up and went to bed early with the intention of getting sleep before Thursday morning’s dentist appointment. Unfortunately, no matter what I did I couldn’t sleep, so I gave up and read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire until sleepiness set in around 5 AM.

Thursday I had my dentist appointment, and then went straight to work, figuring if I went home to nap I’d oversleep and be late. I did get a short nap in the break room, before it got too noisy and I again gave up. After work I went over to lildomino’s, planning to turn in early when she did. We wound up staying up later than expected watching late night TV, but I did get eight hours of sleep before work, as well as extremely therapeutic lildomino-snuggles.

Today went much better than yesterday, helped along I’m sure by the sleep and snuggles. Tonight I get to see Mika after work (w00t!), and then tomorrow I’ll get to hang out with the elusive Elbe before she heads back to Bloomington for roller derby practice. Sunday I’m having lunch with bttrflywriter, icespark, lildomino, hotarugirl, and possibly even the even more elusive worstcase and her wife. That would just be beyond craziness!
Have a good weekend, everyone!

  1. 99% Dennis Kucinich

  2. 98% Mike Gravel

  3. 82% John Edwards

  4. 79% Chris Dodd

  5. 78% Barack Obama

  6. 76% Joe Biden

  7. 75% Hillary Clinton

  8. 71% Bill Richardson

  9. 31% Rudy Giuliani

  10. 27% Ron Paul

  11. 20% John McCain

  12. 14% Mike Huckabee

  13. 13% Mitt Romney

  14. 12% Tom Tancredo

  15. 5% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz
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