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Happy New Year!

Besides being a little burnt-out and cranky, so far I’ve had a lovely new year. On New Year’s Eve icespark and I had planned to go out to a club, and I even convinced my boss to let me off work at 9 PM, an hour early, so we could get there before it was too packed. However, as the day went on, we looked less and less forward to going to a crowding club on the hopes there’d be someone there we knew – no one else we’re friends with had told us they were going. We decided that if we’re just going to go to a club hoping to see people we knew, we should go when it’s less crowded and expensive. As soon as I made up my mind to just spent the evening in with Icespark, I suddenly started looking forward to getting off work, so I knew that was the correct decision.

Icespark and I stayed up until 6 AM New Year’s Day getting pwn3d by a yuan-ti guanrdian on Icewind Dale II, and then slept in ridiculously late. When we got up at last, we showered, and Icespark jumped my car so I could go spend the remaining day and night with lildomino and hotarugirl. When I got there I joined them snuggling on the couch until that started to get hard on our backs, and so we gave up on DVD watching (since none of us wanted to move to put one in) and decided to go lay down. We didn’t get back up until hunger drove us from lildomino’s bedroom to the kitchen. Getting cereal and sandwiches, we finally got around to watching Star Trek, before ultimately just going back to bed. It was an excellently lazy way to start the new year.

Wednesday morning HotaruGirl jumped my car and went with me to Autozone to get a new battery. However, my old battery was corroded enough that the guy there didn’t want to deal with it, so I called Car Max and made an appointment for Friday, and HotaruGirl gave me a ride to work. Icespark picked me up for work in exchange for another shot at defeating that guardian on Icewind Dale, but after two hours of getting further pwn3d we gave up and went to bed. I suggested watching a DVD, but Icespark was exhausted, so I just let her sleep and stayed up a bit longer reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Thursday morning Icespark helped me clean some of the corrosion off my car battery, and we went back to Autozone to get a new one, this time finding someone willing to help me get the old one out. At work I got locked out of the system I use to do anything, so I had an unproductive last few hours trying to find someone to get me access again (still no luck on that front). This morning was one of lildomino’s last sleep-in days before she starts classes again, so last night I went over there and hung out, going with her at 3 AM to check on her lab experiment.

Today I can’t do anything until my local system administrator gets back to me to give me access to the MARCH database. Tonight I’m driving to Illinois to see cassiopia, and when I get back I’m going to a party with Icespark, lildomino, and HotaruGirl. Sunday lildomino and I are taking HotaruGirl to look into getting a new tattoo – I’m not sure if she’s actually getting it this weekend, or if we’ll just price and shop around.

I’ve enjoyed the comfy, quiet week I’ve had, but I’m feeling strangely apathetic and frustrated. I think it’s the lack of accomplishment on a lot of things I’ve been trying to do lately – cleaning, journaling, roleplaying, seeing people who aren’t available after 10 PM on weeknight, etc. Aggravated at never seeming to achieve anything, it’s getting harder to motivate myself to even try. I just want to read and sleep.

My sister Chhu did find an interesting website with advice for those people like us who are chronically disorganized, distracted, and late. If you get past the “give us money to help” pitches, the rest of the advice is pretty good, so maybe I can motivate myself to procrastinate less and be more focused in the new year. Here’s hoping.

My results for "Presidential Candidate Selector -- 2008 Front Runners"

  • Dennis Kucinich (91%)
  • Barack Obama (87%)
  • John Edwards (74%)
  • Hillary Clinton (73%)
  • Bill Richardson (61%)

Compare Them

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