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Christmas Week in Review

This week was rather pleasant, which is kind of a surprise, considering I spent the actual holidays with my family. Monday I had off for Christmas Eve, so I spent it with icespark. We hung out and MUXed, and icespark made yummy no-bake cookies, which I brought wit me to my sister’s the next day for Christmas. MUXing was fun, although I’m getting rather burned out on admin stuff now that we have so many more players.

Christmas Day I drove out to my sister’s place in Cincinnati to meet Chhu and my mom. Holidays in the past have been interesting, to say the least, because of my mom’s mood disorders, but Tuesday was actually enjoyable. My mom’s medication has finally been evened out again, so besides the fact that it’s sad that she’s getting so old, I had a good time with her and my sister.

Wednesday I had to go back to work, and afterward I met up with Cyle at the Abbey. We talked and caught up for a while, and then she got going to head up to Broadripple. When she got there it looked more crowded and rainy than appealing, so she called me back, and came over to hang out and burn techno CDs from the music on my laptop. She lives far away and was only in town for the holidays, so it was good to see her.

Thursday night I had a late meeting with Mika. I’ve been getting to associate with her more lately since she broke up with Tesh, and I was happy to be free when she texted me and asked for a late night rendezvous. She was in quite an interesting mood, so I had a lot of fun hanging out with her until she got too sleepy. As I left Mika’s apartment, I got a text message from lildomino that she was back in town from her parents’, so I went over to lildomino’s to sleep.

Friday morning I got up early to go have breakfast with Sega and her kidlets before work. After work, I went back over to lildomino’s for a relaxing evening of snuggles and Star Trek. We’d missed each other all week, and hadn’t gotten a lot of time Thursday before having to go to sleep, so it was good to have a leisurely sleep-in day before she starts class again and has no more Saturday morning free.

Saturday afternoon I went over to icespark’s, and we had dinner before going to see a roller derby bout here in Indy. After the bout, we went to the apartment of icespark’s derby wife, and got to hang out and get to know more of the roller derby team. Elbe, the co-captain of the team, was there, and confirmed our plans next month when she finally has free time again. icespark’s roller derby team is very cool, so it was great to have a chance to spend an evening with them.

Sunday I’d planned a game day since I was hoping to role-play. Unfortunately, too few of the hardcore role-players could positively RSVP for me to plan to run anything, and enough non-role-players wanted to join that I changed it to just a regular board-and-card game night. B, crow_again, ewysiwyg, icespark, lildomino, peacekaat, and hotarugirl all joined in, and I had a fantastic time playing Apples to Apples, Run For Your Life, Candyman! and Taboo.

Overall, for a holiday season, it’s been pretty painless for me, and certainly vastly better than this time last year. I even seem to be over my unexplained malaise from the past few weeks, possibly because I’ve gotten to see so many people I care about. I’m hoping the new year will continue to get better and better.
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