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Week in Review

This week apparently sucked for everyone else, but for me it was pretty good, aside from a few stressful days at work.

Monday night I went over to icespark’s to MUX. There was supposed to be a big plot on the MUX on the Friday night before, so I was anxious to see how it turned out. However, it got postponed until this past Friday, so things were actually quieter than expected. I stayed up late talking to the charstaff about new ways we’re streamlining the application process, and had a pretty productive night, MUXwise.

Tuesday I took my last unpaid day off work so I could go to the Indy Poly Meetup with icespark. I slept pretty late, mostly because the night before I just didn't want to go to bed. I spent the day hanging out with icespark, and then in the evening went to meet maddjakkthevile and the Indy Triad. The meetup was fun, and I got to hang out with people I otherwise don’t get to see often. Afterward icespark and I went home for more snuggling.

Wednesday I went to lildomino’s house after work. I figured she’d be anxious to finish the second half of the two-part Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode we’d started Sunday, but it turns out she’d been so busy and sleepy she’d forgotten all about it. We did get to watch the second part of the episode, and started another one, but lildomino fell asleep. She said she’d have to watch it again without me so she’ll be caught up for next time.

Thursday night after work lildomino came over my apartment for a surprisingly productive cleaning night. The last time we tried a cleaning night, lildomino watched an episode and a half of Venture Bros. and fell asleep, and I spent most of the evening doing laundry and journaling. This time, however, lildomino was a whirlwind of helpful energy, and there was no slacking all night. My apartment still looks like a storage bin, but now at least it resembles a slightly more organized one.

Friday night cassiopia drive in from Illinois, and met me at IHOP for a late dinner. After we ate, we headed back to my place to snuggle and watch prerecorded media. Unfortunately, I was incredibly sleepy from staying up all night cleaning my apartment, so I probably wasn’t very exciting company. We did get to hang out a while on Saturday, but eventually the inclement weather drove her back to Illinois before she got snowed in.

Fighting the same snowy weather, hotarugirl came up from Evansville to meet lildomino and me for dinner. hotarugirl and I then spent the night cuddled up and watching Slither since she was in the mood for a scary movie. Even though I’d caught up on some sleep with cassiopia, I was still pretty drowsy, so Saturday night I wasn’t exactly Mr. Energy. I did start to feel guilty about people driving long ways to watch me nap. However, when hotarugirl fell asleep reading comics, I wound up staying up late once again reading Attack of the Bacon Robots. *facepalm*

Sunday lildomino came over to join us in snuggling in my big bed, and then when elbanditorojo got off work icespark joined us and we four met that_girl_lola and elbanditorojo at Outback for a pleasant early holiday dinner. that_girl_lola and elbanditorojo’s baby Asmy was adorably cute as always, and icespark was happy because the Eagles pwn3d Dallas at football. We’d planned a game night after dinner, but now it looks like everyone is heading home except icespark and me. Ah, well. More snuggle time!

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