Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Another Week Gone By….

Oy! Another week past already! I can’t keep up!

Monday I got on the MUX after work too late to catch the rescheduled December TP Meeting, but I did get a chance to roleplay with Cawh and icespark, so that was fun. Things continue to be hoppin’ on tfumux, and while the influx of new players is a little disruptive, I’m hoping that the new energy helps to invigorate the place once we old folks get accustomed to the big-city young wippersnappers who’ve joined us.

Tuesday I took off work for a dentist appointment, and tried to make it a general productivity day. Besides the dentist, I also went to Lanter Eye Care to pick up my new eyeglasses, and to Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed. I should have had them replace my headlight while I was there, but I was planning to stop by an auto parts store and never did. I did get to belated watch the Heroes season finale with icespark, and then go out on a date with Mika.

I had a very good evening with lildomino Wednesday night. I went over to her house after work, and she surprised me with an early holiday present (for Festivas, maybe?) – matching His and Hers Star Trek pajamas! Is that the pinnacle of nerd love, or what? We hung out at her house while I ate my drive-thru dinner and she counted dots for her lab, and then very appropriately we snuggled and watched Deep Space Nine.

My mom’s starting to recover from her recent manic episode, and so last night I set aside to burn a CD for her of Irish music, which she likes and I think would make her happy. It might mean my sister and I will wind up being serenaded a cappella again, but it’ll be worth it if it makes her feel better. I also made my way through most of my mountain of laundry, and got a little journaling caught up as well. Overall a quiet, productive night, even if I stayed up way too late again.

This morning I got up early to have brunch with towanda000, her wife, and their daughter, who were on their way through Indy on their way to Ohio from St. Louis. All three of them are as cute as can be, and it was well worth dragging myself out of bed to go to IHOP. Tonight after work I plan to go out for hot cider with icespark, and then maybe check to see if the MUX TP happening today at 11PM GMT is still going on.

Tomorrow I’m driving up to Chicago to meet alanka there to celebrate her birthday. I don’t know exactly if we’ve worked out where we’re staying (she’s at her aunt’s, and it’s apparently a full house), but I’m sure we’ll figure something out. Since we’re poor, I’ll prolly stay there Saturday night, and then head back Sunday evening. I haven’t seen alanka since October, so visiting her in Chicago should be fun.

Kucinich/Obama 2008!

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