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Voice Post: Transcript Take 2

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“Well, I'm on my way back from Cincinnati, on what was essentially a wasted trip. I went up to help my mom move, but naturally being my mother, when I got there she wasn't ready to move. She didn't have a truck. She didn't have one reserved, and so I wound up not going over there because I'm afraid I would have just strangled her. So the only upshot was I got to see my sister and hang out at her house for a couple of hours, while we waited for Mom to call us and tell she was ready and then we finally realized that was not gonna happen today. So we went out for pizza and had a good time just hanging out. We wound up sitting in her car and talking for a while when we got back. So, it was cool just catching up with Chris, I just probably would have prefered to do that another time when I knew that's what we'd be doing so we could plan something. But I'm on way back to Indiana and so I'm trying a public voice post because who knows if I'll have time to journal.”

Transcribed by: bzero

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