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Week in Review

Aside from my trip to Cincinnati, it’s been a relatively quiet week, mostly spent with my girlfriends icespark and lildomino. Monday morning I woke up with lildomino and hotarugirl, which is an excellent way to start any week, and got to spend a little time with hotarugirl before I went to work. Monday night I MUXed, and tried to keep plots moving since D3@ took a much-needed break this week. Since I had Tuesday and Wednesday off work, I was able to stay up a little later than usual.

Tuesday I went to Cincinnati to help my mom move, since she she was in the hospital and being evicted from her apartment. However, the hospital decided to release her that afternoon, so instead of packing we went to pick up Mom at the hospital, and had dinner with her before driving her home. Mom’s presence prevented us from packing (she’s distracting, plus if she’s out of the hospital she needs her stuff to live), but we did get some cleaning done to make packing easier.

Wednesday I took off work because a bunch of us were planning to go to a Halloween party, but then the party got moved to last weekend, when I already had a half-dozen other plans. So, I wound up with the night off, which I spent with lildomino. We plugged in the ghost light hotarugirl made for me, and hid from trick-or-treaters once lildomino ran out of candy. I did get to see lildomino’s sexy schoolgirl costume, so it was a festive night for me at least. >=^)

Thursday night when I got off work I met icespark at a roller rink, and the two of us went roller skating for the first time in ages for both of us. Considering how rusty we were, we did pretty well. We couldn’t keep up with the majority of the roller rink regulars, but each of us only fell once, and got a lot more confident as the night wore on. It was a lot of fun, and some exercise for a change, so I’m hoping sometime soon that we’ll go back again.

Tonight I was shockingly plan-free (everything in the world was planned last weekend, so this weekend my calendar is empty), so I think I’ll ask icespark if I can go back over and hang out. Tomorrow I’m helping lildomino move someone, and then Sunday is Eqyptian Love Day, which icespark and I are celebrating as our half-anniversary (and to rejoice in the fact that things are so much better for us than this time last year). Much less going on than last weekend, but quiet is good.

Inara: “I am grateful, you know, for the ill-conceived and high-handed attempt to defend my honor although I didn't want you to.”
Mal: “Gracious as that is...”
- Firefly
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