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Last Week

Last Monday I had off work, so when hotarugirl woke up from her first date with lildomino she came over to my place to tell me all about it and gush over how cute lildomino is, which of course I completely agree and understand. When she left to have dinner with silntbob, I went over to icespark’s to MUX, and attend a TP meeting that was very fruitful and sparked a lot of ideas the get plots moving, old and new (thanks, sydneygb!). Unfortunately, I didn’t have any more MUX time ‘til tonight. With luck, I can pick up some of that momentum again and continue moving things forward.

Tuesday after work icespark invited me to grab a “quick” dinner with her at Outback, but warned me that she wanted to run a few errands as well. I went with her to Lowes, and then she stopped with me at Goodwill so I could look fruitlessly for Eroticon costume accessories/ideas. We had yummy meal at Outback, and then went to my apartment, where I had her play my new PS2 Transformers game while I worked on D&D stuff (I’ve played the PS2 game, but I suck, so I wanted to see what a real gamer could do). It was a good night of geeky fun.

Wednesday after work I went over to lildomino’s to hang out. She’s stopped to pick up Fazoli’s for the both of us, and as we ate we talked about her date with hotarugirl on Sunday. lildomino is just as cute and squealing about it as hotarugirl, and it’s extremely delightful to talk to both of them about the other. After dinner lildomino lay on my chest and we talked for several more hours while listening to music on my laptop. Before bed she showed off her new schoolgirl outfit for Halloween, which is extremely hot. It’s a little big on her, so the skirt hangs low on her hips, which I don’t mind at all.

Thursday we had a game night, so B! drove down from Muncie, and Erro walked over, since she works downtown now. icespark joined us, and we played Munchkin and Taboo. For once B! and I didn’t get pwn3d at Taboo, which was a pleasant change. *chuckle* Erro and I had some time to hang out and talk after B! and icespark left, so it was good to catch up and see how she’s been doing. My relationship with her has settled to a very pleasant, solid friendship.

Friday icespark and I drove down to Bloomington to see our friend Jopi’s play, Mourning Lori, at the John Waldron Arts Center. Jopi’s wife, Dadypi, played Lori, and the play was rather entertaining and fun for a tale about a family dealing with the death of their mother. We stopped to say hello to Dadypi and Jopi after the show, but unfortunately had to drive right back home after since I had to work Saturday. Boo Tuesday through Saturday shifts!

Saturday lildomino met me for lunch to lend me a lab coat, because after work I drove to Illinois to attend a “Weird Science” party with cassiopia. Hanging out with geeks in lab coats, watching cassiopia play Guitar Hero and listening to Oingo Boingo as we headed out was a great time. I got to meet a few of cassiopia’s friends, and prove to them I’m just not a figment of cassiopia’s overactive imagination. cassiopia’s friends are obviously a lot of fun, and I hope I can make it to more events in the future.

Yesterday I was supposed to run a D&D campaign for icespark, Jobe, and elbanditorojo, but elbanditorojo’s daughter was sick, so we rescheduled it for next week. The silver lining was that icespark and I were able to go help Erro move the last bit of stuff out of her old apartment. I’d been feeling guilty about being too busy to help, so getting to go over there was good. After that, icespark and I had dinner and went back to her place to watch House M.D. on DVD.

“I've been in a firefight. Well, I was in a fire. Actually, I was fired from a fry-cook opportunity.”
-- Wash, Firefly
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