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Week in Review

Oy, it’s been a busy, stressful week.

Monday I had off work, and icespark wasn’t feeling that great, so she took the day off as well. I wanted to be productive, but icespark made sure “productive” wasn’t just another day of doing laundry and fucking around on the computer. icespark went with me to the bank, where I discovered my credit has recovered a bit thanks to my efforts to be better about paying everything on time (yay online bill pay!). I opened another savings account, and got a credit card again for the first time in ages. After that we went to icespark’s to watch Heroes and MUX. Productive and fun.

Tuesday icespark, lildomino and I were planning to go over to Erro’s to clean up her apartment after the fire, but they hadn’t finished their inspection yet, so we weren’t able to get in. Instead, lildomino and I hung out at lildomino’s house, and lildomino made dinner. We had a pleasant evening watching Deep Space Nine and snuggling. I tried to get a little journaling done on my laptop, but lildomino and Star Trek were pleasantly distracting, so I just took the night to relax and unwind.

Unfortunately, that good mood was ruined Wednesday by a crappy, stressful day at work. By the time I was able to run away, I just wanted to be alone to decompress. I spent the evening by myself in my apartment (which is rare and was rejuvenating), and did a lot of laundry and eventually some journaling (once I escaped the distracting lure of instant messenger). I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, but an evening for just me was good on its own.

I thought I might have Thursday for more solo productivity, but first lildomino lured me out for dinner at Jimmy Johns, and then icespark asked me to come over to her house to keep her company after her “off-site meeting” at B-Dubs. I brought my laptop, but again was distracted by a cute woman and a TV show – this time, the season premiere of ER. It’s been a long while since I watched ER on any sort of regular basis, but it was a good episode nonetheless.

Friday after work I went to Illinois to meet up with cassiopia and go see Weird Al. The show was awesomely entertaining, as always, and I bought a “Weird Al Is My Homeboy” T-shirt, which amuses me at least. cassiopia and I celebrated our six-month anniversary, which made the night even better. (Yes, our romantic anniversary plans involved Weird Al. Shut up! *grin*) After the show we went back to cassiopia’s and hung out with her housemate for a bit before heading to bed.

Alas, I had to work early Saturday morning, so I had to leave cassiopia’s by six to get back to Indy. Work sucked again, and I was stuck there for an extra half hour catching up on trouble tickets before I could head down to Bloomington to meet Chhu at Jalyru’s to belatedly celebrate Chhu’s birthday. Jalyru’s friend made a fantastic dinner, and then we played Midlife Crisis (happy birthday, Chhu!) and DDRd ‘til Chhu and Jalyru’s lungs were ready to give out.

Today I plan to hang out with Chhu and Jalyru some more, and then head up to Valparaiso to visit Juho. Juho’s recently started law school there, and said she could use a friendly face. I’m not sure when I’m going to leave here, because I want to spend as much Chhu and Jalyru time as I can, but not be too late to see Juho. When is someone going to invent a teleporter and/or time freezing technology, so I don’t have to deal with these kind of conflicts? *grin*

Simon: “Are you out of your mind?”
Mal: “Just about.”
-- Firefly
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