Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Monday Night

Monday night when I got back from St Paul icespark was sweet enough to pick me up at the airport, even though it was in the middle of her football game. I thought we could go straight from the airport back to her house, but I’d forgotten that my car was at my apartment complex, and I’d need it in the morning to go to work. So, she dropped me off at my place, and I grabbed my car and met her back at her house.

We settled in on the couch, and watched the poor Eagles get pwn3d. I couldn’t help teasing her a bit – whenever the other team would score, I’d ask her in mock confusion why the Eagles didn’t try to slow them down, or try to run the football like that when it was their turn. I don’t think she was very amused, but it certainly enhanced my enjoyment of the game. I had planned to MUX, but I was exhausted by the weekend trip, so I decided to wait ‘til after the game.

When the Eagles were finished getting pwn3d, I finally finished setting up my laptop on the new tray table icespark bought specifically for that purpose. I was rather sleepy by that point, so it was icespark’s turn to mock as it took me far too long to get the tray table set up so I could put my laptop on it. She curled up next to me on the couch while I logged on the MUX, but I was so brain-dead at that point that I didn’t really get much accomplished, and eventually gave up and logged off.

I shut down my laptop and got ready for bed, and joined icespark. She was already naked and under the sheets, reading the last issue of She-Hulk. I told her she could continue reading if she wanted, but that I was tired and planned to sleep. She asked if that meant no pouncing that evening, and I regretfully requested we wait ‘til morning when I might have more energy. She agreed to those terms, and we snuggled up and went to sleep.
Tags: backdated, football, icespark, mux, pouncing, pwn3d

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