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Road Trip

lemur_lady has officially escaped Indiana. Apparently, this will come with a new LJ account as well, so if I start calling her something else in the future, don’t be too confused. *grin*

Saturday night lemur_lady and I stopped at a hotel in Madison, WI, to get some rest and to let her poor stressed kitty out of its carrier. We settled into the room, and immediately set up our laptops to take advantage of the free WiFi, geeks that we are. lemur_lady tried (unsuccessfully) to get a hold of some Madison friends, while I looked up places to eat. We went out searching for a Subway, but found a smaller sub shop, and so we got sandwiches from there instead.

While we were at the hotel, we took advantage of the pool, and watched several episodes of a House M.D. marathon. lemur_lady’s allergies/sinuses were trying to kill her, but otherwise it was a very pleasant and relaxing break from driving.

Sunday we got up early and enjoyed the breakfast bar at the hotel. We got back on the road, and the drive to St Paul was pleasant overall, even if at one stop lemur_lady was cruelly teased by No Dairy Queen. We got to St Paul, and lemur_lady showed me her new apartment. Her room itself is small, but it has a large window framing a very pretty tree. The rest of the apartment is good, although it can certainly use lemur_lady’s assistance in snazzying up the décor.

lemur_lady’s new locality is fantastic, and once we settled in we went wondering about. lemur_lady has a Vietnamese restaurant practically across the street from her new place, and down a little farther is a Thai restaurant. Farther still is a small university, so lemur_lady’s new neighborhood has all the cool trappings of a college town (coffee shops every three meters, art supply shops, etc), including, as lemur_lady pointed out, a fresh crop of eye candy every new semester. *chuckle*

We enjoyed a yummy Vietnamese dinner, and then christened her new bedroom (yay comfy air mattress) before her new roommate got home. We spent the night cuddling, and I for one did not want to get out of her bed Monday morning.

Get up we did, however, and had breakfast at one of the ubiquitous coffee shops before going to pick up lemur_lady’s rental cargo van. From there we went to the u-pack trucking lot, and loaded the van. lemur_lady had done an excellent job of weeding all of her belongings down to the bare minimum, so it didn’t take long for the two of us to pack everything into the back of the van.

We drove back to lemur_lady’s, and unloaded the van, pausing to rest and set up lemur_lady’s futon. We stacked the rest of her boxes in the living room, and then showered and napped for about a half-hour. We reluctantly got back up, and then returned the cargo van. From there lemur_lady dropped me off at the airport, and we shared some last minute hugs and kisses before I had to head inside to catch my flight back.

The flight was uneventful, aside from the slightly stressful hustling once I got to Chicago. I couldn’t print a boarding pass in Minnesota, and while I was assured I could print one at the gate, I was worried that after hustling my ass across the entire airport to my gate, there’d be some problem and I wouldn’t be able to get to the terminal and back in time. However, I was able to get a boarding pass printed at the gate without hassle, and the rest of the trip was stress-free.

"When did Jesus become pro-rich, pro-war and pro-American?"
- Jim Wallis, editor District-based Sojourners: Christians for Peace and Justice
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