Bzero (bzero) wrote,

On the road again...

Well, lemur_lady and i are on the road. we're driving up to Madison, WI tonight, spending the night, and continuing on to St paul tomorrow. I'm flying back Monday.

so far the drive has been pretty nice. lemur_lady has been driving, and it's a gorgeous day. I love lemur_lady's taste in music, so the driving mix has been enjoyable.

lemur_lady's cat is not enjoying the trip nearly as much, but at least quieted down soon after we hit the road. apparently the moving reality has started sinking in for lemur_lady, tho for me this still emotionally feels more like a road trip.

unfortunately, it's a road trip only one of us will be coming back from, so I'm sure I won't feel so chipper Monday. still, for now it's nice to have this alone-time with lemur_lady. :-)
Tags: lemur_lady, travel

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