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Week in Review

Sunday night lildomino and I hung out at her house, and enjoyed out mutual day off. I was getting over being sick, and lildomino’s just been having all-over body aches, so we ditched any idea of going out, and just grabbed some Fazoli’s and went back to lildomino’s to hang out and watch bad Sunday night TV. I popped on the MUX for a bit while lildomino read the newspaper, and then we snuggled a bit and watched Deep Space Nine. Ah, nerd love!

Monday morning afternoon we got up and went over to icespark’s for a little Labor holiday barbecue. It was just the three of us, but icespark made yummy cheeseburgers and potato salad, and bought some bean salad to go with. We had a grand time sitting out on icespark’s new deck eating and taking. Even though it was around 100 degrees Fahrenheit out, it was nice in the shade of icespark’s house, and it was a fun, relaxing way to spend the day.

In the evening I drove lildomino home and then got on the MUX to set up a TinyPlot for Tuesday. I wound off with Tuesday off work as well, so I spent the day with icespark while she teleworked, and then we went to my apartment and hung out while I ran the TP. icespark helped out as Dial-Tone and did a great job, although a player conflict wound up ruining my mood and the evening for me. With the help of icespark and a few other players, we got things wrapped up around 1AM, but after that I needed to take a few days off from the MUX to recover my frame of mind.

Wednesday I was going to try to go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but because of a miscommunication I thought no one else wanted/was available to go with, so I decided to stay home instead. I was feeling lazy and tired, and still a bit blah, so lildomino came over and brought me food. We hot-tubbed a bit, and then I massaged her sore neck while we watched Family Guy until she fell asleep. Overall, it was a very pleasant low-key evening.

Last night lemur_lady came up for our last “normal” date before she moves to Minnesota (*sob*). We decided to run with the stereotype, and went out for sushi at Naked Chopstix before going to a bookstore and hanging out – our default date. Comic geeks that we are, we both picked up graphic novels and then headed back to my apartment for naked snuggles. Tuesday is her going-away party, and then next weekend I’m helping her drive to Minneapolis.

Tonight Juho is coming up to visit. She wasn’t sure she was coming up until around 6:30, but theoretically she should be here soon. I got some cleaning and laundry done while waiting for her, and she’s planning to spend the night and then head to Terra Haute tomorrow morning to help a friend move this weekend. I wasn’t expecting to get to see her tonight, so tonight’s visit is a good surprise.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to have dinner with C@5 if she’s well enough after her appendectomy this week. hotarugirl’s coming up to join us, and then spend the evening with me afterward. We thought about going to see the roller derby in Dayton on Saturday, but probably now there won’t be time even if C@5’s up for it. Ah, well. They’ll be other bouts. =^)

Sunday I’m running my D&D campaign for icespark, Jobe, and doubleored. I’ve been looking forward to running the next session for quite a while and probably over-prepared a bit. We have the community room all day, and we plan to start early and role-play for eight to ten hours. W00t! Nerdvana! Should be a lot of fun – need to print out a bunch of stuff tomorrow while I can.

Zoë: "Sir, I know she's unpredictable, but I don't think she'd harm anyone."
Jayne: "Butcher's knife."
Zoë: "Anyone we can't spare."
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