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Drag Show

Yesterday after work icespark picked me up, and we met B! at Talbott Street for a drag show. volta_girl and ewysiwyg were performing as Xavier Brooks and his baby king Romeo Brooks. We mostly went to support ewysiwyg, but I had a great time, and the entire night was extremely entertaining. ewysiwyg did a great job, and looked fantastic performing a country song in a very manly cowboy hat. *grin* I’m very glad I went, and it was fun to hang out w/ B! and icespark.

Work today was OK. Fridays are usually crazy with the “OMG! We waited ‘til the very last minute and now nothing’s working an hour before we close on Friday!” avoidable emergencies, but compared to last week it was a cake walk. I did officially get in trouble since FMLA denied my claim, technically making my absence for strep throat unexcused, but my manager thinks it’s bullshit and I got more sympathy than rebuke. When my last absence drops off in two months I’ll be cool.

Tonight I’m getting to hang out with the elusive elbanditorojo, since his wife that_girl_lola is out of town and he wants company. It looks like I’m going to be running my Cyberspace role-playing campaign, which I haven’t gotten to do in ages. I need to shake the cobwebs off of my RP/storyteller skills before gencon, so this should be good practice. It means I have to miss VIVA CUBA! at the Garfield Park Arts Center tonight since I have to prepare, but it should be worth it for geeky fun.

This weekend icespark and I have a date with a couple we’ve been flirting with for ages, and icespark is a little nervous about it, but I think it’ll be fun. It means driving to Bloomington as soon as I get off work tomorrow, but they’re cooking us dinner so I hope that’ll give us a chance to hang out and relax once we get there. So far we’ve only seen them at big group events, so an opportunity to get to know them in a more intimate setting is appreciated.

Sunday I’m actually sans plans. I know actually saying that aloud (not to mention ‘in print’ on the Internets!) will immediately magically make me suddenly overbooked, but for now I might be able to actually take it easy and get things done. I have so much to do at home, not to mention journaling to catch up on. Now, if I can just resist the allure of Icewind Dale II… My upcoming week is pretty free as well, but I have a lot I want to schedule, so I’m sure it’ll fill up soon.

Things have been mostly calm lately. icespark and I have had more time to spend together, which has made her mostly happy. lildomino’s been hellishly stressed at work, and I’ve been trying to find ways to help, with occasional success. I’m feeling more in touch with lemur_lady lately, which is making me very pleased. With luck, I’ll be able to see ona_tangent again sometime soon – I miss her. I have gotten to see cassiopia recently, and should see hotarugirl again before too long. So, overall, life is good. =^)

"Dear diary: Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy... Today we were kidnapped by hill folk, never to be seen again. It was the best day ever."
– Jayne, flipping through Simon's journal, Firefly
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