Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Summer Solstice

Last night I hung out with icespark to celebrate the summer solstice, and although I'm dating a pagan woman, once again there was a distinct lack of sky-clad dancing. I ask you – what’s the use of dating witchy women if on pagany holidays there’s no naked dancing? What a gyp. *snicker*

We did have a yummy dinner at Olive Garden, followed by snuggling on the couch and watching old, bad TF episodes on YouTube in preparation for the new Michael Bay ‘sposion-fest. It was cheesy fun, and afterward we went to bed and cuddled up for some drowsy missed-you-while-you-were-gone pouncing and blessed sleep.

Today icespark met me for lunch, and we went to the new pizza place next to my work and had a quick if enjoyable repast. This weekend should be fantastic since both towanda000 and hotarugirl are going to be in town and we’re going to have both a Passion Party and a game night.

See some of you there! Woot!
Tags: game night, hotarugirl, icespark, nerd love, religion, towanda000, transformers, youtube

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