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Last night lemur_lady came up to see me, and I had a lovely time with her as always.

She messaged me while I was still at work to let me know she was already at my apartment, so I hurried home and met her in my building near the Zen Room. We went upstairs so she could drop off her stuff, and then headed back down so we could drive to Ichiban in Castleton. After some yummy sushi, we went for a mad quest for comfy chairs, and wound up at a coffee shop so lemur_lady could knit while I finally got around to reading the manual for my new cell phone.

lemur_lady is making cool fingerless gloves for me like the ones she knitted for icespark, and she wanted me on-hand, so to speak, so she could check the size on one glove before starting on the other. She was sleepy, so she didn’t get as far on the first glove as she’d intended, but it was nice to just hang out with her while she knitted and I geeked out on my new phone. Eventually lemur_lady got too sleepy to knit, so we headed back to my apartment to snuggle and sleep.

I love lemur_lady. I love spending time with her and just hanging out. It’s sad that far too soon she’ll be moving to Minnesota. I seem to have adjusted to the idea, and it actually bothers me less now that she’s set a date than when she was planning to move in the amorphous future but I still had hope that maybe she’d stay for a while longer. I understand why she wants to move – I just wish I had a teleporter so I could still see her on a regular basis.

I worry a bit because sometimes I have a hard time feeling like a part of her life while I still live only 45 minutes away. I’ll hear she just got back from out of town and think, “Wow. I didn’t even know she left.” I am getting to see her a little more lately, so that’s beneficial and should help with feeling connected. I just hope we can stay in better touch when we’re not able to just get together and reconnect in person.

Today at work I’d hoped to catch up on my points a bit, but it seems every call I take is a fifteen-minute problem, so no luck there. I got a little spoiled for the last three weeks working until ten PM, because eventually the calls would quiet down and I could focus on burning through a lot of tickets. Now it’s back to the annoying drip-drip-drip water torture of annoying calls that take too much time for too little points. Ah, well. I’ll try again after lunch.

"Americans celebrate war in their movies. We like to see visions of evil being defeated by good. When the people at home glimpse the reality of war, that it's a bloodbath, they freak out. We are a subculture they created and programmed to fight their wars. You have to become a psycho to kill like we do. To most Marines that guy in the mosque was just someone who didn't get hit in the right place the first time we shot him. I probably would have put a bullet in his brain if I'd been there. If the American public doesn't like the violence of war, maybe before they start the next war they shouldn't rush so much."
– Marine who returned home from fighting in Falluja in time to vote for Kerry

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