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ona_tangent – Whole Day Off

I had a really pleasant day off yesterday. ona_tangent is in town visiting me from St. Louis, and we slept in before going out for a yummy breakfast at Le Peep downtown. We had the Best Waitress Evar, who was charming enough that ona_tangent is talking about making her socks. After lunch ona_tangent and I went to Downtown Comics, where I picked up some graphic novels, but ona_tangent resisted since she’s not allowed to buy any more comics ‘til she finishes reading what she owns already.

After the comic store, ona_tangent was good enough to wait while I got my driver’s license renewed, which luckily didn’t take very long at all. Then we both went to the Mass Ave. Knit Shop, where we hung out for a couple of hours while ona_tangent browsed and talked shop with the owner and a woman who worked there. By the time we were done at Mass Ave., lemur_lady was off work, so ona_tangent and I headed down to Bloomington.

In Bloomington we picked up lemur_lady, and the three of us went to another yarn store and then to a book shop. Taking a cue from ona_tangent, I resisted buying any more new books until I read more of the ones I have. Next lemur_lady, ona_tangent, and I went to the Runcible Spoon for a very tasty dinner. I spent most of the meal listening to lemur_lady and ona_tangent geek out about dyeing and knitting – it was cute and interesting, and a good karma balance to anyone who’s had to listen to me geek about comics and role-playing.

Alas, lemur_lady had to get home all-too-early, so ona_tangent and I dropped her off at her house and headed back to Indianapolis. We stopped at Ghetto Kroger to pick up food so that ona_tangent wouldn’t starve in my apartment today while I am at work, and ona_tangent picked up cookie dough as well. Once we got home, we made cookies, snuggled, and watched Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Hanging out with ona_tangent was the perfect way to spend a day off, and to cap off a three-day weekend. Since we had no real plans or schedule besides “try to get my license renewed” and “meet lemur_lady for dinner,” the entire day felt lazy and unrushed. It was also great to start off my birthday week with someone else I rarely get to see. I get to hang out with her again tonight, also, which should be grand.

Today work has been pretty busy, so they took me off the phones and had me work provisioning orders all day. It’s a lot less stressful for me to be doing one thing at a time work-wise, so I felt I was pretty productive and helped them out with their 200+ back orders. lildomino met me for lunch, so that was a fine surprise. I get to leave here in less than an hour, so that’s certainly excellent as well.

Tomorrow after work I’m going to visit cassiopia in Illinois, and then this weekend is my birthday, which should be frantic fun. Most people didn’t RSVP to hang out with me on Sunday, which is actually good, since I won’t be quite so stressed about entertaining 3000 people in my apartment building’s piano room. Enough people should show up for a fun game of Taboo, so that should be excitement a-plenty.

Zoë: “Next time we smuggle stock, let's make it something smaller.”
Wash: “Yeah, we should start dealing in those black-market beagles.”

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