Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Valour: Command Shake-Up, 2007.03.19

Valour records a message for Decepticon Command:
“In order to allow General Harbinger to focus more of his attention to vital measures of Decepticon science, I’m placing him back in direct command of the Decepticon MediSci division, where he will continue to act as my chief science advisor. To assist me in the day-to-day operations of running the Decepticon Empire’s outpost here on Earth, I’ve asked General Illarion to act as my executive officer, and she has accepted. Brigadier Trypticon will take over direct management of our assault infantry forces, and continue turning up the pressure on Autobot holdings in North America with assistance of field commander Colonel Venom, should he accept our offer of promotion. Squadron Leader Thundercracker continues to guard our skies as leader of our Aerospace forces, although one of our members, Aircraftman Sunstorm, has gone missing from his patrol. Should any of you discover his whereabouts or remains, please report them immediately.”
Tags: 2007, backdated, ic post, luminous tp, tfumux

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