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Welcome to BZero!

Hi! This journal was originally going to be a new journal that wasn't linked to my Yahoo! ID, so I could have a little more anonymity. However, then my life circumstances changed, and I didn’t worry so much about people finding my regular journal, so I never switched to this one. Yet, I already created this separate journal. Then, I began using bzero as my username on sites like Swappernet (as half of bzeronicey), and so I thought maybe I should make this my swing journal, separate from my other Adult journal, which focuses more on activities done alone (as opposed to with my GF Icey). This journal isn’t very cleverly hidden, since I use bzero in non-adult groups, as well. Still, my life is much more of an open book than it once was, so if you come across this and you know me, feel free to Friend me or just read along, as long as you can handle reading about my swing exploits. If it bothers you, stick to my regular journal…. >B^)

At the Republican National Convention in 1988, George W. Bush was asked by a reporter about what he and his father talked about when they weren't talking about politics.

Bush’s reply? "Pussy."

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