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LJ in the media: The Return of LiveJournal

Wow! I can't believe that LJ Staff purposefully linked to an article where they proudly state that they don't give a fuck about the few loyal people that haven't jumped ship to other sites. They really do believe the best way to compete with Facebook is to be Facebook-lite, instead of actually building on their strengths. Drive off their current users in hopes to draw people away from Facebook... good luck with that, assholes.

Originally posted by theljstaff at LJ in the media: The Return of LiveJournal

Check out this Fast Company article for a glimpse of what you can expect at LiveJournal in 2012.

"LiveJournal, one of the web's most popular early blogging sites, is launching a comeback in the United States. Their plans for 2012 include massive changes for users. Oh, and "Game Of Thrones" creator George R.R. Martin is a big user."

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Meanwhile, I'll be over at Dreamwidth...
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