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IC Post: Cobra Commander - Worldwide Transmission

Cobra Commander appears in a live broadcast. Sitting behind a broad desk in a small room dominated by a large Cobra flag, Cobra Commander seems to be trying to sound friendly instead of sinister, although the effect seems more like an oily car salesman than a true benefactor.

“Citizens of the world… I am Cobra Commander. As many of you have heard, Cobra has recently vanquished the evil Decepticons, and saved our planet from further destruction and flooding. We are negotiating with Trans-Carpathia to use their technology to repair the climate even as Cobra’s biologists begin restoring lost species to the wild.

“Where many of your governments have failed, Cobra will provide. We are prepared to deliver food, personnel, and supplies to help rebuild areas destroyed by flooding. Cobra Unity’s generosity and resources will be used to restore our world to its rightful glory. Never again will we allow the Decepticons to create such havoc across the world.

“It is a new dawn, and we will lead the way. Cobra!”

The transmission ends with a shot of the Cobra flag blowing in the breeze against a green field on a sunny day.

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