Bzero (bzero) wrote,

2011.12.05 Weekend

stephaniebcl and I had a very nice weekend, even though both of us got very, very sick. The weekend got off to an early start Thursday, when Nesh invited us to her house for a late poly family Thanksgiving dinner. The food was yummy, and StephanieBCl and I very much enjoyed hanging out with Nesh, her husband, her boyfriend, her girlfriend, her girlfriend’s husband, and her kids.

I started to feel sick after dinner. At first I thought it was something I ate (an allergic reation, not something wrong with Nesh’s food), but when I still was feeling terrible the next day I went to the doctor, who determined that I’d caught a stomach flu. Since I felt so bad I took that day and the next off work, and StephanieBCl took care of me. I couldn’t do much, so we snuggled up as best I could and watched Buffy when I was awake.

By Saturday night I was starting to feel better, and since the doctor said I was no longer contagious, StephanieBCl and I went to the Indy Poly Meetup Holiday Party at lildomino and hotarugirl's. There were a ton of people from out of town there, and I was especially happy to see Behu, who lives in Chicago. I also got to hang out with pandara, who was there with her new lover. I enjoyed myself muchly and had a great time.

By Sunday StephanieBCl had started to get sick, so it was my turn to take care of her. We skipped our plans to go to the circus and spend the night with Lildomino, and instead stayed in and watched more Buffy. I felt bad because I was obviously the one who got StephanieBCl sick, but I was glad at least that I was free to take care of her. Even though we spent the weekend sick, it was good to have quiet much needed-time together.

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