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Juho and The Nutcracker

My weekend was very good. After work Saturday I drove up to visit Juho. I got up there in record time, but she was already ready for bed (as she warned me she would be), so I just joined her for snuggles and blessed sleep.

Sunday we got up early and went to see The Nutcracker, which was cool. I've never seen a live ballet before (other types of dance recitals, but not ballet), and according to Juho it was the best performance of The Nutcracker she'd ever seen. They did a first-class job of combining grace and humor to make a gorgeous, entertaining show. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a professional stage show of any type, and I was just impressed and wowed (though the geek in me did spend some of the time thinking of the ballet episode of Angel...).

After the ballet, we went out for yummy Mexican food, then back to her condo for a nap and more snuggles. We pretty much just spent the rest of the evening cuddling and talking, and then I drove back for work this morning.

The weekend seems short in retrospect, but since we had so many hours to just relax and hang out, it seemed nice and unrushed. Today is my five-year anniversary with Juho, so it was wonderful to be able to drive up to see her. We don't get to visit each other often, but it's always wonderful when we do.

Being back at work sucks, but at least I get to leave in three hours and go over to Jero’s to MUX. B^) w00t! (I'm a geek, yes. I know.)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, bzero sent to me...
Twelve threesomes drumming
Eleven Saturdays piping
Ten condoms inflating
Nine birthdays masturbating
Eight weekends a-snuggling
Seven climaxes a-swinging
Six Fridays a-MUXing
Five Cle-e-e-erks
Four swing clubs
Three intimate networks
Two social clubs
...and NRE in polyamory.
Get your own Twelve Days:

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