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2008.08.21 Pandara First Kiss

On this day three years ago, Pandara and I met for coffee at Perkins. We’d met at Poly Meetup, and I’d used the fact that we’re both into roleplaying games as an excuse to get her email address (obstensively so I could add her to my gaming mailing list). We started talking, and on August 21st we met at Perkins for coffee.

I talked about my girlfriends and my poly situation, and in my nervousness I'm sure I blathered quite a bit. I figured by the end of our date I'd completely scared her off, but when I walked her out to her car she gave me a whopper of a first kiss. Even though I thought my live was too full for another girlfriend, our chemistry was undeniable.

Three years later, we're still together. Happy anniversary, Pandara!

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