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Week in Review – 2011.08.20

This has been a busy, but good, week. I got to spend time with my girlfriends and lovers, and even meet a new friend with whom I’ve been talking online for a very long time. This weekend is my three-year anniversary with pandara, so I’m spending all weekend with her (when we’re not working). I never get enough Pandara time, so three days together is a dream. If luck we might even get some role-playing in if we’re not too tired.

Sunday was my day with lildomino. Pandara had stayed over after working on Lildomino’s wedding bouquet, so the three of us went out to breakfast and ran errands before Pandara headed home to clean and Lildomino and I got some snuggle time before she had to work. I had dinner with stephaniebcl and then got on the MUX. Desm’s returned to the MUX, and I know he wants to end the Shattered Glass TP soon, so I’m trying to get in as much SG RP as I can before then. I started a couple of plots before lateness drove me to bed.

Monday work was stressful, but it was nice afterwards to get to go to see icespark. She made yummy chicken for dinner, and I caught up some with her before getting on the MUX to move forward the storylines I’d started they day before. I didn’t wind up advancing the plot much, but I did have a fun evening of role-playing before joining Icespark in bed for snuggles. We talked some about our relationship, and then cuddled up to go to sleep.

Tuesday I hung out with Trmo. We’ve been having some connection problems lately, but Tuesday we seemed able to bond again, and spent the evening eating pizza and watching Three... Extremes (Trmo loves horror movies). I’m hoping to find a happy medium with her where we can be comfortable hanging out again without an emotional wall between us.

Wednesday I saw Nesh. She brought homemade carrot cake and cobbler to show off her cooking abilities, and they well lived up to her sterling reputation. I’m always happy to hang out with Nesh – I adore her, and her extended poly family. I’d like to hang out with her boyfriend, girlfriend, and husband. Nesh and I had a very pleasant and relaxing night together, and even got to sleep in and snuggle a bit since we both had the morning free.

Thursday was a busy day. First I travelled to Batesville to meet my friend Jela, who I’ve known online since the days of Yahoo! 360 but haven’t gotten around to meeting in meatspace until now. After I drove back I went to see Icespark, since she’d had a bad day and needed snuggles. When StephanieBCl got off work I hurried home to take care of responsibilities with her before we stopped by Borders and then snuggled up to watch Mommie Dearest in preparation for her Friday plans to watch Dearest: A Mommie Musical.

Friday started my anniversary weekend with Pandara. I went to her house when StephanieBCl went to work, and when I got there Pandara and I unexpectedly napped for about five hours. Pandara had a desire for fancy French fries, so we went out to Brugge Brasserie for dinner. She was still tired after had dinner, so we skipped our role-playing plans and just watched a half-dozen episodes of Weeds, which I quite enjoyed.

Today I’m at work. It was annoying busy in the morning, but has quieted down towards the end of the day. I had lunch with Trmo, and we caught the tail end of a nearby book fair and bought a few things from the Indiana Historical Society booth. Tonight I’m hanging out with Pandara again. If she’s awake we might make dinner and maybe role-play – otherwise we might order something and just watch more Weeds. Either way I’m happy to have so much time with her in one weekend.

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