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Week in Review – 2011.06.11

This week has been very up and down for me. I started the week really depressed, and although I had a really pleasant game night for my birthday and got to spend time with wonderful friends and lovers my mood has been very fragile most days. However, as the week went on things have slowly gotten better, and today I’m actually feeling pretty good. Depression still lurks in the background, but with luck soon I’ll be making an appointment to looking into fixing the chemical contributors to my unstable mood.

Sunday cmhusted and Jalyru came up to see me for my birthday weekend. Along with stephaniebcl, the four of us went out for cupcakes and hung out until icespark joined us for dinner. After supper we went back to my apartment building for my birthday game night. Erma, Fasa, Jash, elbanditorojo, hotarugirl, Nesh, her boyfriend James, pandara, and Trmo all joined, and we played Apples to Apples, Monty Python Fluxx, and Taboo. After most people went home IceSpark, Elbanditorojo, StephanieBCl and I played Dominion. It was a very nice time, and a good positive note to end on after a very stressful weekend.

Monday I had the day off to recover from my birthday weekend, so I slept in with StephanieBCl until she had to go to work and then I went over to IceSpark’s. IceSpark and I went out to an early dinner and then had a long relationship talk. Things have been difficult for both of us lately, but we decided to keep working on things rather than break up. That settled for now, we went out to enjoy X-Men: First Class. When we got back to IceSpark’s, we talked a little bit longer and then I journalled while IceSpark laptopped. When she went to bed, I joined her, and although I didn’t get enough sleep the cuddling was much-needed.

Tuesday morning I got up early for an appointment with my therapist. I discussed my birthday weekend, how to talk to people with whom I’m upset, what to do about people who are leaving me for others, and what I plan to do to try to improve my relationships with IceSpark and StephanieBCl. After my appointment I brought IceSpark food and had lunch and snuggles before I went into work. After work I met Trmo at my apartment. She’d eaten, so I heated some leftover rice for dinner and then we snuggled and watched the first episode of The Walking Dead before bed.

Wednesday I dreading seeing Pandara since I had things I needed to talk to her about and I was afraid of how it would go. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the discussion went well, and I felt a lot better afterward. We went out to the Vollrath and hung out with people there before going back to her apartment and passing out. For a day that started out very badly, it ended rather well.

Thursday morning lildomino woke Pandara and me and dragged us downtown for the strawberry festival. After gorging ourselves on strawberry shortcake, Lildomino headed home while Pandara and I napped. Pandara went to work and I went to the dentist to get a crown. After my appointment I enjoyed some alone time until StephanieBCl got off work, and then we went to Talbott Street to watch her perform burlesque at the Girl Pride Party. She was funny and sexy, as always, and after her set she joined me for the rest of the show.

Yesterday work was hectic, but I got a nice break when Trmo came to visit me for lunch. After work Lildomino and I started out five-year anniversary weekend. I picked up Lildomino after work and we went out for Cuban food before going back to her place. There was a pretty storm outside, so we shut off the lights and our laptops and just opened the curtains to enjoy the lightning and thunder. We stayed up way too late for ho w early we wanted top get up this morning, but it was extremely worth it.

This morning Lildomino and I picked up Pandara and went downtown for the Indy Pride Parade. StephanieBCl was in the parade with Angel Burlesque, and after the parade we met up with Fasa, Jopa, Trmo, and her to hang out until I had to go to work. I’m meeting Trmo again for lunch, and then tonight after work I’m meeting back up with Lildomino and Pandara for some sort of Pride Week wet-underwear contest. I’m sure Lildomino will be entertained and I’ll be amused. Happy anniversary, Lildomino!

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