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Friedman's Bogus Advice on Palestinian Nonviolence

From FAIR blog -

Regular non-violent protests against the West Bank separation wall are ignored in the U.S. media, as Patrick O'Connor documented in 2005. A 2009 Guardian report is a reminder of what often happens in response to such demonstrations. As the subhead put it, "Palestinian demonstrations intended to be peaceful met with Israeli teargas, stun grenades and sometimes live ammunition." And one of the most prominent non-violent Palestinian activists is Adeeb Abu Rahma, who was held in an Israeli prison for 17 months before being released late last year.

The New York Times posits that if only the Palestinians would just protest non-violently, Israel would have to listen. FAIR points out in several ways that the Palestinians have been doing so for quite some time and attacked by military forces and ignored by the media.

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