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Oz Campaign - Prelude: Mean Girls 2011.01.01

stephaniebcl and I had been talking about a Wizard of Oz campaign for a while, but on New Year’s weekend we finally got it started. It began with StephanieBCl playing a little girl, her choice for a character. Her character, Elise, takes ballet lessons, and owns a pet pot-belled pig, Noel (Elise is a little spoiled). The initial prelude dealt with Elise being picked on by three bigger, meaner girls in her class.

Cordy: “Ooh, look, it’s a little pig in a tutu… and she has her pet with her, too. I’m in a mood for bacon – Harm, grab that pig! We’re gonna cook it up for dinner!”

Harm: “Ew! I’m not touching no pig!”

Cordy: “Do it, Harm, or else!”

Harm moved in and tried to grab Elise’s pig, but Elise stood up to the bullies, pushing them back and protecting Noel. However, when the teacher moved to intervene, Noel got startled and ran out the door and across the street, taking refuge in a nearby church. Elise gave chase, following the pig into a candlelit room – which unfortunately caught fire when Noel knocked over candelabra. Elise pulled at the flaming debris blocking the door, while Noel squealed in fear behind her.

However, the flames rose up, surrounding Elise and Noel. Elise fought her fear and continued to fight their way out of the fire – which surprised her by suddenly disappearing around her, leaving her alone in a barren cornfield with Noel, snow falling around them. The fire coalesced into a ruby tiara, which Elise placed on her head, causing a flash of light and her inability to remove it. If that wasn’t surprised enough, Elise was further shocked when her pet pig said, “We’re certainly not in Indianapolis anymore.”

They most certainly were not.

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