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Mira and Stsm 2011.01.01

Last night Stsm and I had our annual date with Mira. It’s not supposed to be an annual date, but the last time the three of us were free to hang out together was last year on the first. Stsm came over first, so I snuggled with her and told her about my New Year’s Eve party and the morning after. When Mira arrived, she joined us for snuggles and regaled us with New Year’s Eve party stories from her perspective.

Hunger finally drove us from the bed, so we went to Broad Ripple looking for food. The Aristocrat was closed, and so was the Belgium place, so we wound up at Naked Chopstix for what turned out to be some of the yummiest sushi Mira has ever eaten. For third choice it worked out well. We returned to my apartment, but Mira was sleepy so soon passed out. Stsm and I were still awake, so we decided to role-play.

Stsm and I had been talking about a Wizard of Oz campaign for a while, but last night I finally got to start it. It began with Stsm playing a little girl, which was her choice for a character. Her character, Elise, takes ballet lessons, and the initial campaign dealt with her being picked on by three bigger, meaner girls in her class. She stood up to them and they backed off, but her pet potbelly pig escaped, running into a nearby church and knocking over a rack of candles.

Elise fought the flames to save the pig, and then they subsided, she was alone on a cornfield with just her pig – church gone, and all that was left of the fire a small ruby tiara. She put on the tiara and felt a flash, and was even more surprised when her pet pig said, “We’re certainly not in Indianapolis anymore.”

It was Stsm’s first taste of roleplaying, and we both had a good time. I’m looking forward to playing with her again.

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