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Week in Review – 2010.11.27

This week has been pretty good as far as holiday beginnings go. My mom was feeling a little under the weather, so I cancelled plans to go to Evansville and stayed up here in Indy for Thanksgiving. I wound up going over to mishiell and eldari’s for dinner, and got to hang out with Chwo, Elbr, Fasa, Gyan, Jopa, lildomino, hotarugirl, and others while I was there. It was good time.

Sunday I got a long, 24-hour date with Lildomino, which was fantastic. Lildomino works and sleeps odd hours, so I never know when I’ll catch her awake, but with a day-long span I was reasonably sure she’d be awake at some point. B) We ate, snuggled, watched TV, worked on her house, and all around just enjoyed each other’s company. It was quite nice.

I had Monday off work, so I got my oil changed with Lildomino before meeting up with icespark for dinner and MUXing. On the MUX I got to run a meeting as Cobra Commander with Major Bludd and the Baroness, concerning Interrogator and Over Kill. I also role-played with Spike as Buster. It was a good night, and at the end of the evening I went to bed with IceSpark to snuggle and sleep.

Tuesday pandara had to work late, so I went home before heading to her place for a game night. She and I joined Fasa and Jopa in his room to game with some of their friends. Fasa wanted to play Apples to Apples, but not enough other people did, so we played Run for Your Life, Candyman! and Mid-Life Crisis. After game night Pandara and I stumbled off late to bed.

Wednesday night most of my girlfriends went to see Tangled, so I grabbed some snuggles with stephaniebcl before she left for the movie and then enjoyed the time alone to MUX. I was starting to feel a little sick, so I self-mockingly put in the episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon gets a cold and makes everyone’s life hell. StephanieBCl fell asleep during BBT, so we eventually called it a night.

Thursday I had the day off for Thanksgiving, so StephanieBCl and I slept in and watched cartoons – Cool Devices. Hotarugirl joined us, and we hung out with her while she cooked pies and sweet potato casserole for the dinner at Eldari’s. After they left I enjoyed some alone time before re-joining Hotarugirl at Mishiell and Eldari’s. We ate and watched The Tick, The Guild, and Legend of Neil. It was geek family fun.

Last night Hotarugirl and I were supposed to role-play, but we both had things we needed to get done first. Unfortunately, our laptop time in separate rooms stretched out to most of the day and night, and by the time we got around to role-playing Hotarugirl was too sleepy to play. Still, it was nice to have a enjoyable, productive evening together, even if we’ll need to reschedule the role-play for next time.

Today I’m at work, which sucks, but tonight I get to have dinner with IceSpark and her parents. IceSpark always seems to worry her parents will embarrass her, but I like them both, so I’m looking forward to the evening. Not sure what we’ll do tonight after dinner, but just relaxing with IceSpark’s family should be pleasant. Only 30 minutes to go!

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    Hoping to get on the MUX tonight to RP.

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