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Week in Review – 2010.11.13

Last week was enjoyable overall. I had some reflected stress because two of my girlfriends were fighting, but they seem to have most things worked out and we have ideas on how to avoid similar conflicts in the future. I got some extra time this weekend with icespark, lildomino, and stephaniebcl, which was a pleasant unexpected bonus. I even got time to get some appointments taken care of since I had off Monday, which was nice but didn’t quite make up for having to miss Quadzilla’s visit while I was working on Saturday.

Sunday IceSpark and I stayed in Chicago to watch the last day of the WFTDA Championships. The bout between Philly and Gotham was entertaining, but the last game, between Oly and Rocky Mountain, was amazing. The winner was decided in the last jam by one point – Rocky Mountain won the championship 147-146. It was a great end to an exciting weekend of derby.

Monday I had the day off, so I went to the doctor for a checkup and to my counselor for a session. My therapist wants me to do positive affirmations to help my self-esteem, which seem insanely hokey but I might give a try (otherwise why am I even going?). After my appointments I had dinner with IceSpark and then got onto the MUX. I’m behind in all of my plots, but I did manage to get some fun RP in, even while distracted by Castle. When it got late IceSpark and I turned off our laptops and went to bed.

Tuesday after work I picked up pandara and the two of us went to the Poly Meetup. It was potentially awkward, since my ex sarah9380 was there, but Sarah9380 and I just ignored each other so the night was drama-free and fine. I did get to see and get hugs from Fasa, hotarugirl, and mishiell at the meet up, so it was worth the drive. When we got back to Pandara’s we snuggled up and watched videos on her computer. She was supposed to do homework as well, but when it got late we curling up and went to sleep instead.

Wednesday night I had a date with LilDomino, but I had to run back to Pandara’s after work to grab my phone, which I’d left there that morning. When I got to LilDomino’s I was hungry and she was sleepy. We got food and then snuggled on the couch to watch Hell’s Kitchen. It was another low-key date with LilDomino, but I don’t mind since I know she’s been feeling off lately and I’m just happy that she still wants me around. We went to bed early, and though she’d planned to get up early we both slept at least ten hours through the night.

Thursday after work I skipped practice to run to IceSpark’s to pick something up and then meet HotaruGirl for dinner and a movie. HotaruGirl was tired of the Aristocrat, so we went to a gyro place before going to the theatre to see Megamind. We both enjoyed the movie very much, being fans of villains-as-protagonists. After the film we headed home and I gave HotaruGirl a long neck and back massage since she was feeling sore. When it got late, HotaruGirl and I made plans to play World of Darkness next week and then went to sleep.

Friday I met StephanieBCl at LilDomino’s after work since LilDomino and HotaruGirl were locked out and I was the only one available with a spare key. StephanieBCl and I hung out with LilDomino and HotaruGirl while they ate, and then we left to go get our own dinner at an Indian restaurant. When we got home, StephanieBCl changed into footie pajamas and we watched Bringing Up Baby and read two more chapters of Lost Girls before bed.

Saturday I had to work, which doubly sucked since Quadzilla was in town to run a practice for the Circle City Derby Girls and the Race City Rebels. After work I had dinner with IceSpark, who wasn’t feeling so hot but cheered up a little after we ate. Later that night I met back up with StephanieBCl, and we snuggled and I watched 30 Rock while she napped. It wasn’t what I had planned, but it was a very nice, pleasant evening nonetheless.

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