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Notes Filter

Usually I only make non-private posts that I’ve had time to actually write in complete sentences, preferably with at least proof-reading and ideally with some polish for public (or semi-public) consumption. However, especially now that I’m busy, I have a lot more private entries that are more like “go[sic] up. Breakfast with amber. Went to work.” I presumed no one would be interested in these, and some of them are a little embarrassing in what I choose to note – I’ve been teased about it before.


However, I noticed others have posted what really amounts to “web logs” that are just that – logs of activities, unembellished. I’ve liked reading theirs, so I thought just in case anyone on my friends list that would enjoy reading mine, I’d make a new filter. If anyone’s interested, I’ll make two filters, actually – one for regular notes, and one for ones of a more nature. >B)  (These are the ones that tend to be more detailed and embarrassing, to me honest.)


So, if you’re interested, comment and let me know which, if any, notes filter you’d like to be on. Thanks.

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