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G.I. Joe versus Barbie

G.I. Joes are from Mars, Barbies are from Venus

"Gender based toys have no greater rivalry than Barbie versus G.I. Joe. One is pink, the other dirty camo. One tells girls what occupations they could have one day and the other tells boys they can be patriotic and save the world! Let’s go back to the beginning.

G.I. Joe is a line of toys produced by Hasbro starting in 1964. G.I. stands for “Government Issue” and represents the armed forces. It was originally a 12 inch line of dolls which later led to a second line of 3 3/4” figures and accessories like weapons, tanks, and playsets. The good ol’ 80’s is when the complex background story developed of the Joes facing the evil Cobra Command that uses terrorism to try and take over the free world! Spin-off merchandising included posters, t-shirts, video games, board games, and kites. "

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