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I've created a new journal on Dreamwidth. It seems to have a few cool perks, the best of which is it's not yet blocked at work. B) Also cool is the fact that that I can combine my three LiveJournals into one all-purpose mega-journal. B) The drawback is that only one of my friends is actually on DW, so although I've found cool people to read here, if I want to find out what's going on with my RL friends... well, I'll check Facebook. But, still. B)

I'm going to try to cross-post from this journal to my bzero LiveJournal and see how that works. Friends are welcome to post comments here or there. I'll be able to respond to comments on DW faster because it's not blocked at work, but ideally I'll eventually get to comments on both sites. I'll probably therapy journal on Bzero mostly, although since most of them only I see, I'll likely use whatever I'm already logged into.

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