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Derby Practice 2010.09.14

Derby practice was fun tonight. Since I only work until 6 PM this week, I was able to get to the practice space almost on time for a change, and we were starting off-skates so I was able to jump right in as soon as I got there. Most everyone was outside, so I joined them on the hill outside the Ellenberger Park Ice Rink and ran up and down the rise in various ways as exercise warm-up.

When we got inside we did some core exercises and then laced up to skate. We worked on starting strategies for when one jammer was in the box and then got to actually scrimmage. I am a little rusty since I haven’t been skating much this summer, but I think I afforded myself pretty well and was able to wall up with the other members of my team rather effectively.

We had twelve guys at tonight’s practice, so we were able to field a full team of guys vs. gals. I spent time in the penalty box for an accidental major elbow, so I’m definitely going to have to watch that in the future. It was good to skate again, though, so I really need to start getting to practice more. I can’t tomorrow because I have a date night with hotarugirl, but maybe next week I’ll have a chance for more derby time.


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Sep. 17th, 2010 03:31 am (UTC)
*grin* It was! I didn't even realize I did it! Need to watch that... B)
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