Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Obama's future plans rely on Reid's survival

From The
Washington Post

Obama tried to make the case for why voters here should return Sen.
Soft-Spoken to Washington for another six years. The GOP, he said,
"spent a decade driving the economy into a ditch. And now they're
asking for the keys back. And my answer is, no, you cant have the
keys," Obama told the crowd of true Harry Reid believers.

"Harry Reid and I, we got mud on our shoes," he continued. "We're --
we've been pushing and shoving -- car is just kind of getting out,
almost -- almost on some pavement. Some, they're all, 'no, no, we want
to pull into reverse.' Run right over Harry and me. Get you back in
the mud. That doesn't make sense."

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Tags: gop, obama, politics

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