Bzero (bzero) wrote,

StephanieBCl Anniversary Weekend 2010

This weekend I celebrated my one-year anniversary with stephaniebcl.
Since we had a very long courtship, we’re not really sure when we
officially started dating (as opposed to just hanging out as friends),
so we picked this past weekend even if it’s technically a little
early (we didn't officially start dating 'til the end of last year).  I had a magnificent time with her, and it was wonderful to be
able to spend a lot of time together just relaxing and being alone as
a couple.

StephanieBCl and I didn’t spend all weekend alone, however.
StephanieBCl wanted to start the weekend off with dinner and snuggle
time with our entire poly family, so Friday after work I picked up
icespark and we met lildomino, hotarugirl, pandara, and StephanieBCl
at an Indian restaurant for dinner.  After dinner the six of us went
out for ice-cream, and then everyone went home and StephanieBCl and I
spent the night at her apartment.  We’d planned to actually spend more
time snuggling as a group, but it turned out nice to just have the
evening alone.

Saturday morning StephanieBCl let me sleep in before I joined her
downstairs for cartoons.  We watched Buster Keaton in One Week and then went out for brunch at der Führer’s
Dufour’s, where we had insanely yummy grilled-cheese sandwiches.  It
was getting late, so we put off the Children’s Museum until Sunday and
strolled around the Oldfields Lily House and Gardens‎ instead.  That
night we watched videos and read the first two chapters of Book Two of
Lost Girls.  Yay story time!  B)

Sunday StephanieBCl and I got out of bed earlier so we could make it
to the Children’s Museum with time to wander at our leisure.  We
checked out the Barbie exhibit (StephanieBCl’s a collector), and then
meandered around, catching the very last carousel ride of the day.  We
went to Perkins for dinner, and then went back to her house, where we
relaxed and I watched TV while she sewed a little bunny I’d bought her
at the museum.

StephanieBCl and I haven’t had many full weekends together, so the
leisurely pace of our “anniversary” was a delightful change.  I don’t
know if I’ll spend every Father’s Day alone with her, but for this
year it was very nice.  I had a horrible Monday, but I get to see
StephanieBCl again tonight, so I’m sure she can perform her usual
wonders with my mood.  I’m so lucky to have such a sweet, sexy young
woman like StephanieBCl as my girlfriend!

"This is so embarrassing.  We had never done that before, and now
she's in the hospital, and my cat's dead."
(said a name-withheld New York City man in January, after he and
a neighbor decided to have sex but then accidentally ignited a
comforter with a candle, starting a major fire in his apartment)
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