Bzero (bzero) wrote,

LilDomino Anniversary Weekend – 2010.06.15

This past weekend contained far too much driving, but otherwise was
very nice. I celebrated my four-year anniversary with LilDomino by
going down with her to Our Haven for an event called Babalon Rising
[sic]. We met HotaruGirl there, and got a chance to hang out with
Chwo, Gyan, Helehi, Mishiell, Eldari, and a bunch of other fun hippy
types. Nivagi couldn’t afford to go, and IceSpark and StephanieBCL
stayed home to give LilDomino, HotaruGirl and me some rare triad time.

Friday night when I got off work LilDomino picked me up and we went to
the Flying J to meet up with Eldari, who we followed down to Our
Haven. When we got there we helped HotaruGirl set up our tent and
then joined everyone around the central fire. We relaxed, listening
to the drummers and watching people dance. LilDomino made Dreamsicle
out of orange soda and vanilla rum, so we shared it with those around
us as we hung out with our friends from Indianapolis and Lafayette.

Alas, I had to get to bed somewhat early. In the morning LilDomino
and I got up and drove back to Indy so I could play in a roller derby
bout. The game was fun, but in retrospect since I only played in one
jam I probably could have just stayed in the woods and my team would
have been OK without me. B) LilDomino and I got delayed by a tornado
warning and got back to Our Haven after midnight. However, we stayed
up all night hanging out in front of the fire with our friends and
lovers who were there, and it was a great time.

Sunday the heat drove us from our tent early, and HotaruGirl packed up
to head back. LilDomino and I tried to cool off at the stream, but
soon gave up as well. After hanging out with Helehi a bit and saying
goodbye to Eldari, we headed back as well. We stopped at Lothlorien,
which was much cooler, and then met back up with HotaruGirl in
Indianapolis for dinner. We felt a little crappy from too much
driving and sun, so we just took it easy for the rest of the night.

Monday was my actual anniversary with LilDomino. We were still
exhausted from all the driving Saturday and heat Sunday, so after
getting food we rested and napped most of the afternoon. I had to
venture out for an appointment with my new chiropractor, and when I
returned LilDomino, Nivagi and I ordered Chinese food for dinner.
LilDomino and I had a romantic anniversary night cleaning off and hard
resetting our cell phones – ah, romance! >B) Actually, the entire
weekend was a celebration, so I was happy. It was a good weekend. B)

"Good things come to those who wait, but only things left behind by
those who hustle."
— Abraham Lincoln

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