Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Week in Review – Week of 06.06 – 06.12

This week started off great, although derby and work stress slowly but
surely eroded my good mood from the past weekend.  I do seem to have
gotten my relationship anxieties under control, although for right now
at least derby insecurity has taken their place.  We have a bout this
weekend, and it’s stressful for me to be the least effective skater on
the team, especially when we’re facing such challenging opponents.
I’m hoping I’ll still have fun like I did at Spring Roll, but I’ll
prolly stress about it until tomorrow night.

Sunday morning StephanieBCl had to leave early, but I slept in since I
hadn’t gotten home until 6 AM.  HotaruGirl showed up with breakfast,
and I hung out with her until I had to leave for scrimmage practice.
Practice was fun, and afterward I headed back to shower before
IceSpark, Jobe and ElBanditorojo arrived to role-play.  ElBanditorojo
ran another session of his D&D 4e campaign, as much as I don’t really
like 4e AS D&D, I am having fun with ElBanditorojo’s game.  Last
session was battle chess, which was different and interesting.

Monday I was still in a great mood from my wonderful weekend, and for
once even work couldn’t dent it.  I feel like I’ve finally had a shift
in brain chemistry from my weeks of depression and stress, and I very
much hope it lasts.  After work I had dinner with IceSpark and then
got on the MUX.  I missed a chance to role-play with Megatron, but
participated in several small scenes with Semcca that were a lot of
fun.  I got to role-play as Evil Hound with Tasinia, which should open
more RP between our online universes.

Tuesday I had to deal with two-hours-long-each messes all day, which
tried very hard to destroy my good mood from the weekend.  Still, I
escaped stressed but intact, and had fun at Tuesday’s RCR scrimmage
practice.  After work I picked up my contacts at IceSpark’s and then
went over to Pandara’s.  LilDomino was there playfully tormenting
HotaruGirl as she packed for the weekend, and since Pandara was sleepy
we had a quiet, cuddly night and went to sleep early together.

Work was thankfully quieter Wednesday.  We ran out of work half-way
through the day, and after that I mostly just took calls.  After work
I went to skills practice at Ellenberger, but it was so overwhelmingly
hot I didn’t skate very well.  After practice I went to
StephanieBCl’s, and she went out to get food while I showered.  When
she got back we ate while she subjected me to Toddlers &
, a reality show train wreck if there ever was one.  While
it wasn’t the life-changing experience StephanieBCl promised, I am
tempted now to suddenly yell “NINI!” at her without warning. After
that we watched 30
before bed.

Last night’s derby practice was discouraging… I just don’t skate well
at Ellenberger since I don’t have the endurance to handle it when it
feels like 120 degrees.  I’m not improving that quickly, even when I
practice four times a week.  Frustrated, I hurried home after work,
jumped in the shower, and started laundry before Adshru came over.  I
iced my knee while I caught up with her, and eventually relaxed enough
to have a pleasant night before passing out.

This morning after Adshru left I quickly packed for the weekend and
hurried to work.  I had a shitty, stressful day that completely
obliterated the last shred of good mood I had left over from this
weekend.  Tonight when I leave, however, LilDomino is picking me up,
and the two of us are following Tom down to Our Haven for a festival.
We’re going to meet HotaruGirl there, and aside from an extended break
tomorrow we plan to spend the weekend with her.

Tomorrow morning I have to drive back to Indianapolis for a derby
bout.  My team is playing St. Louis, who only lost the Spring Roll
tournament by one point.  We came in last.  It should still be fun,
but we’re likely to get pounded into the ground.  I just hope I can
positively contribute instead of just getting in my teammates’ way.
After the bout LilDomino and I are heading straight back into the
woods.  With luck then I’ll finally be able to relax and enjoy my
anniversary with LilDomino.

"Good things come to those who wait, but only things left behind by
those who hustle."
— Abraham Lincoln

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