Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Week in Review – Week of 2010.05.30 – 06.05

Last week was my birthday, and I had such a magnificent time with my
friends and lovers that I’m still buzzing and in a good mood days
later. I’ve been unreasonably depressed and stressed for over a
month, and it had gotten bad enough that I thought about going back to
the doctor about it. However, I’m hoping that I’m finally over my
lingering doldrums, and can go back to the happier guy I’ve been since
I started derby and started getting regular exercise and adrenalin.

Last Sunday I had a long talk with Lildomino that cleared up a lot of
things that had been bothering me, and then all of us took advantage
of yummy sammiches at 2 Bear’s [sic] Café. We were planning to camp
through Sunday night, but since a torrent of rain was expected on
Monday we decided to pack up and leave early. I drove IceSpark home
and helped her get settled in before heading home myself. HotaruGirl
and I decided to watch Doctor
but wound up talking until 3 AM instead.

Last Monday afternoon Lildomino and Pandara met up with HotaruGirl and
me and we all went out to Le Peep for brunch. After Lildomino and
Pandara headed home I hung out with HotaruGirl until around 3 PM and
then went to IceSpark’s. I got onto the MUX while IceSpark grilled
steaks and veggies for dinner, and then paused while we ate. On the
MUX I got to run a climactic battle between Shattered Glass
Deathsaurus and Jetfire, and a Memorial Day scene with the
main-universe Witwickys. Geeky fun.

Last Tuesday I had the day off since Monday was a holiday and I had to
work Saturday (boo). I hung out at IceSpark’s during the day and
tried to catch up on the Internets before derby practice. I had fun
scrimmaging at practice even though I fell and hurt my tailbone.
After practice I headed home to HotaruGirl. We were supposed to
role-play, but we wound up talking until 1 or 2 in the morning again
instead. We apparently need to reschedule role-play when there’s less
going on that we need to discuss!

Last Wednesday I went to the chiropractor and then returned to work
after a week and a half off. I spent the first half of the day just
catching up on emails, training, and work IMs. Once I opened for
calls it got stressful, but at last I escaped and headed north for
derby practice. I had fun but fell on my tailbone again while trying
to walk on my toe-stops. When I got home I showered and StephanieBCl
came over. She showed me the outfit she bought for my birthday (woo!)
and then we had story time, finally finishing Book 1 of Lost
. B)

Thursday was my birthday. After work I skipped derby practice and
went out to dinner with IceSpark, Lildomino, ElBanditoRojo,
HotaruGirl, and StephanieBCl. ElBanditoRojo originally couldn’t make
it, so his presence was a nice surprise. After we ate I went home to
meet her at my apartment to meet Pandara, who had to work late. We
were both sleepy, so she played on her iPod while I answered a ton of
sweet birthday messages. When it was time for bed I cuddled up with
her and had a very pleasant wrap-up for my birthday. >B)

Friday night I went to Lildomino’s after work and almost got eaten by
her since she was hungry and I
Am Legend
was on. Before completely resorting to cannibalism
Lildomino suggested we go to Euphoria, which wound up being very
interesting and tasty, even if they were out of Lildomino and
Pandara’s first choice for sandwiches. I had to get up early for work
on the morning, so I couldn’t stay up too late. Therefore after
getting everything ready for the next day, Lildomino and I spent a
quiet evening in and went to bed early.

Saturday after work I got to attend an awesome party. Our friend
Eldari was celebrating his birthday and he kindly let me horn in on
his celebration. I met my girlfriends IceSpark, Lildomino,
HotaruGirl, Pandara, and StephanieBCl there, and also got to hang out
with co-host Mishiell while I was there, which was wonderful. I
actually broke out of my shyness long enough to meet new people, and
had such a great time that I’m still in a good mood. Hope everyone
else is having as nice a week as I am!

"Good things come to those who wait, but only things left behind by
those who hustle."
— Abraham Lincoln

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