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Week in Review – Week of 2010.05.16 – 05.22

This past week was stressful, although it had its high points. icespark hurt her knee at practice, which was the worst part; although since it’s a sprain and not a tear we’re hoping she’ll heal quickly. I did get Friday off to start lildomino’s birthday weekend early, which was good, because I was more than fed up with work. This next week I have off for camping, although it looks like most of my time is already booked, so little downtime for me. Oy.

Sunday IceSpark and I interrupted our lazy anniversary weekend celebration to go to roller derby scrimmage practice. I got new pictures taken with the Race City Rebels, and we had a no-hitting game, which was good for working on my lousy positional-blocking skills. After practice IceSpark and I showered and then went to The Journey for dinner. After stuffing ourselves with yummy food, we headed back to my apartment and played Icewind Dale II into the wee hours. It was a fun and relaxing night.

Since it’s always the case that the nicer the weekend, the crappier the Monday, things went downhill rapidly once I got to work Monday morning. Eventually things quieted down and I was able to get some work done before I left. When I got to IceSpark’s, she’d cooked extremely-yummy Portobello cap pizzas, and we ate while I got onto the MUX. The MUX was quiet at first, but then exploded into activity. Unfortunately I still didn’t have the right combination of people to advance any of the ongoing plots, so I just got in some personal RP and then went to bed.

Tuesday was A13’s birthday, so I started the day melancholy, and it didn’t help that pandara was stressed as well. Work stress piled on top of that, which my old boss being disproportionately shitty to me for not following up on something I’d fixed. Luckily practice was fun, even if I got hit hard and knocked on my ass a couple of times by my fellow Rebels. When I got to Pandara’s, LilDomino, she and I went to On Time for dinner and then cuddled together and talked about relationship stuff before bed.

Work was crappy Wednesday, made worse by the new system of metrics we now have to use to track every single minute thing we do. I took a thousand calls and then ran to practice, too late to try the 25-in-5, which I’d really liked to have given a shot since I’ve been stuck at 24.5 laps for the last few times. After practice I talked touched base with IceSpark (who was also there) and then went home to meet Adshru. She bought be cute sushi erasers, and even though I was tired I had a great time hanging out with her.

Work started out crappy Thursday morning, especially in contrast to my pleasant mood after my night with Adshru. Luckily it calmed down my lunch and I was able to resist a meltdown. At practice after work, however, IceSpark fell and hurt her knee, so I cancelled my plans with stephaniebcl and went home with IceSpark to take care of her. I had to practically sit on IceSpark to make her lie down and stay off her leg, but I was appreciative of StephanieBCl rescheduling with me so I could look after IceSpark.

I had taken Friday off to start LilDomino’s birthday weekend, so I started the day by taking IceSpark to the doctor to look at her knee. Luckily it was just a major sprain instead of a tear, so IceSpark and I had lunch with LilDomino and then I took IceSpark home to rest and heal. I went to LilDomino’s to schedule appointments while she mowed the lawn, and then after she showered we went out for Vietnamese food and then met Pandara and StephanieBCl at my house for a night of Drunk History and Robot Chicken.

Today is LilDomino’s birthday, so I scheduled us massages at the Indiana Therapeutic Massage School (very much worth it). After getting nice and relaxed LilDomino and I had lunch and then went shopping for our camping trip next week. After dinner we went home and LilDomino looked for her keys while I caught up with friends online. Her allergies or a cold are killing her, so it might be a quiet night. Off to snuggle!

Eye-Roll 20s - Race City Rebels
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