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Week in Review – Week of 2010.05.02 – 05.08

Last week was rather stressful, partially because I was worried about
playing in the Spring Roll derby tournament this past weekend, which
turned out to be a blast. hotarugirl was in town, which is always
nice – I can’t wait ‘til she moves up here. She’s been helping me
clean and organize my apartment, and the results have been pretty
dramatic. It’ll be even better when she loves here and we can hang
out and role-play whenever we can both find the time. B)

Last Sunday icespark and I slept late in our tent at Lothlorien,
and then packed up to return to civilization. We said good-bye to
salamander42 and pandara and then drove back to Indy, where we greatly
enjoyed access to hot water showers again. We ventured back out for
food, and when we returned I talked to Hotarugirl and my mom on the
phone before trying to MUX. Naturally, as soon as I get some
interesting RP going, the MUX died. I tried to get other things done,
but I was in a bad mood and not very productive.

Last Monday at work was awful – I was one of the only people
available who could work ISDNs, so all day long all I did was take
over other people’s messes. When I escaped at last I met up with
IceSpark and together we went to Broad Ripple to have dinner with my
sister and her boyfriend, who I hadn’t met. cmhusted’s beau seems
pretty cool, and I enjoyed meeting him and hanging out with my sister.
After dinner IceSpark and I went to her house, where I got onto the
MUX, although I was really too tired to do much of anything.

Last Tuesday was less stressful than Monday (thank FSM!), but still
busy. After work I had to stop at home to put in my contacts and then
I hauled ass up to Fishers for derby practice. I missed half of it
because it starts at 6:30, when I get off work, but I got to practice
scrimmage a bit before we stopped to talk about the tournament this
past weekend, which I was nervous about playing in since I’m so new
and I suck. After work I went to lildomino’s. She had to re-write an
8-page paper, so I brought her food and hung out with her while she
typed. I got onto the MUX, which was quiet so I RPed and did admin

Work continued to be busy Wednesday as I Ping-Ponged back and forth
between East and Midwest work. As soon as I escaped I ran back up to
Fishers for a skills practice that kicked my ass (apparently I haven’t
spent enough time working on the basics lately). After practice I
trudged back to my apartment, where Hotarugirl had cooked me dinner.
stephaniebcl joined us since she wanted to talk to me about some of
her insecurities, which we seemed to have mostly resolved. After
StephanieBCl left I went through some laundry and then collapsed in
bed to talk and snuggle with Hotarugirl until I passed out from

Thursday I felt depressed and worn-out. I made it through my work
day and then hustled to practice, which was at Ellenberger, which
isn’t as far as Fishers at least. I had my last chance to scrimmage
before Spring Roll, and IceSpark gave me some helpful advice. After
practice IceSpark and I talked about this past weekend’s plans, and
then I went to Pandara’s to shower. LilDomino and Hotarugirl showed
up with food for us, and after we ate Pandara showed me the sexy
outfit she assembled for my birthday. My girlfriends definitely
helped improve my mood.

Friday I took my last unscheduled day off so I wouldn’t have to run
from work straight up to Fort Wayne. I snuggled with Pandara until
she had to go to work, and then enjoyed an hour of alone time before I
headed to IceSpark’s to clean my wheels and pack for the weekend. At
5 we left to have dinner, only to get stuck in rush-hour traffic for
an hour. We ate quickly and met up with the Rebels to caravan.
Unfortunately, we lost them immediately, and then spent another two
hours in concert traffic. When we finally arrived, we hung out with
our league at the hotel bar until it was time for us all to hit the

Sunday was Spring Roll, and even though I was nervous and somewhat
dreading it all week, I had a lot of fun. Our team the Race City
Rebels came in dead last, but it was cool to play other leagues and
learn from their different play styles. The rest of the tournament
was like a mini-convention, and IceSpark and I enjoyed getting to hang
out with skaters from her old league, the Bleeding Heartland Roller
Girls. The after party was crazy, and IceSpark and I stayed out way
too late considering how little sleep we’d had.

The rest of my weekend was busy but pleasant, and it was good to
spend time with Hotarugirl before she had to head back. Having fun at
Spring Roll makes me feel a little better about competing at roller
derby – after my lousy performance at the Rookie Rumble, I was
slightly worried that I might enjoy scrimmages but hate bouts. We
have another bout on June 12th against the team that came in a close
second in the tournament, so I’ll have plenty of time to start
worrying again.

Eye-Roll 20s - Race City Rebels
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