Bzero (bzero) wrote,

Strange Geographies: The Mojave Desert’s Airplane


From mental

I thought it was a mirage the first time I saw it. I was driving
through the wastes of the Mojave Desert, two hours from anywhere, when
off in the shimmering distance appeared the silhouettes of a hundred
parked jetliners. I pulled off and tried to get closer to them, but a
mean-looking perimeter fence keeps onlookers far away. All I could do
was stand and stare, wondering what the hell this massive armada of
airplanes was doing here, silently baking in the 110 degree heat. For
years afterward I’d ask people what they knew about it, and I kept
hearing the same thing: the place has been on lockdown since 9/11, and
they won’t let civilians anywhere near the boneyard. But last week my
luck changed — I met a very nice fellow who works there, and with a
minimum of cajoling on my part he agreed to take me beyond the
high-security fence and show me around. Of course, I brought my

it out!

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