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question of the day: Ron Howard’s Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’?

Fear, elbanditorojo and icespark.... fear!

From --

Have you read any of Stephen King’s series The Dark Tower? No? Imagine if Clint Eastwood and James Joyce collaborated on a trippy fantasy about the mystical quest of a gunslinger. It’s weird and fascinating and has inspired a cultish following (and I really need to read more of the series, which has stretched to seven books and ancillary material beyond that). You’d likely find a pretty good consensus among those who’ve read it that -- whether they love it or hate it, and not everyone loves it -- it’s probably unfilmable.

But that never stopped Hollywood.

The rights to The Dark Tower had been lingering with J.J. Abrams for a while: he’d envisioned it as a TV series, according to the Hollywood Reporter blog Heat Vision:

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