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Week in Review – Week of 2010.04.18 – 04.24

This has been a busy, stressful, up and down week. My half-brothers’
stepdad Roy died, so I took Friday off work to drive my sister down
and meet our mom for the funeral. Roy and I weren’t close, but he was
a nice guy who raised my brothers and helped out my mom when she moved
to Evansville, and I’m definitely sad he’s gone. I did have some nice
moments at the beginning of the week, however, and today I get to
skate in the Rookie Rumble, so that should be fun.

Sunday I had an endurance practice at the Forum, which actually wasn’t
that bad, and then my first full scrimmage practice, which was a lot
of fun. I ran home and grabbed a shower, and soon after Hotarugirl
showed up with Crow_again, Peacekaat, and a friend of theirs. We
brought some of Hotarugirl’s stuff upstairs, and then after they left
Hotarugirl and I snuggled and talked about everything under the sun,
including some things that have been bothering me. It was a good
talk, and was great to have Hotarugirl here.

Monday was crazy-busy even though I had the day off work. Hotarugirl
and I ran to Lildomino’s to help Lildomino get her car towed, and then
back to fill out paperwork so Hotarugirl could to stay here when she
first moves to Indy. We finally got a little time alone I went over
to IceSpark’s to have dinner and MUX. On the MUX I got into some
crazy scenes with far too many players, but had fun killing off one of
my main bad-guy characters, which was unplanned but perfectly
appropriate for the scene. Good times!

Tuesday I had a stressful day at work, which was mostly abated after
slamming around the track for an hour and a half at derby practice.
After I got home I grabbed a quick shower and hung out with Hotarugirl
and StephanieBCL on their date (they are so cute!) before going out
with Adshru. Adshru and I wound up in Broad Ripple at Brothers Bar &
Grille‎, hanging out, talking, and enjoying the eclectic music. We
stayed out too late for people who had work in the morning, but I had
a great time nonetheless.

Wednesday I really didn’t want to be at work, but made it through and
rushed to practice at Ellenberger. We did some off-skating hitting (I
got to practice some maneuvers I can’t quite do on skates yet) and
on-skate drills, and even though I lost a lap in the 25-in-5 I had a
pretty good time. After work I met up with Pandara. We were both
very tired, and so we snuggled and waffled about dinner until it was
very late and we decided to just stay in. She made a sandwich and I
fell asleep. It was a lazy night, but it was still very nice to spend
time together with Pandara where we weren’t sprinting to one event or

Thursday night I stayed home from practice to prepare for a funeral
Friday and the Rookie Rumble Saturday. Lildomino came over to keep me
company while I looked for clothes and did laundry, and then we went
out to Qdoba for dinner. We stopped by IceSpark’s to pick up my suit
pants and favorite black shirt, and then retired to Lildomino’s to
sleep. Lildomino seemed at first like she was going to stay up for a
while, but since I had to get up at 5 AM the next day to drive to
Bloomington and then Evansville, I went to bed early. Ultimately
Lildomino decided to join me, so I got some snuggles and about five
hours of sleep.

Friday morning I picked up CMHusted from Bloomington and we drove down
to Roy’s funeral. It was nice to see other K31s, although of course
the circumstances could have been better. I wish the pastor would
have spent more time talking about Roy and less time making a sales
pitch for Jesus, but I guess he couldn’t resist a captive audience.
When I got back to Indy StephanieBCL was waiting at my apartment, so I
finished Amélie
with her and then snuggled to talk about the funeral and hanging out
with my family.

Today I’m at work, and it’s pretty quiet, although it’s getting busier
since 4 PM when almost everyone else went home. Tonight I’m going to
be skating in a public derby demonstration, the “Rookie Rumble,” which
will be my first time playing in front of a crowd. Eep! It should be
fun, though. IceSpark is skating with me on my team, and a few of my
other girlfriends are going to cheer us on, so with luck I won’t fall
on my face or look too n00bish. Hope to see some of you there!

"Jesus is not a zombie, alright? Man, I shouldn't have to tell you that."
--David Boreanaz, Bones, "The Man in the Morgue"

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