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Week in Review – Week of 2010.04.04 – 04.10

Last week was interesting.  I’m still working a day shift, which is
pleasant but strange, and so I’ve gotten to derby and MUX a lot more
than usual.  I had a night to myself, which was relaxing, and got to
see my new derby team actually play in a bout.  Unfortunately my mom
is in the hospital for her bipolar disorder, but with luck she’ll be
back on her feet soon, since she’s been doing really well lately.  I
had an unexpected four-day weekend, so for once I had some unscheduled
time, which was truly excellent.

Last Sunday icespark and I got back to Indy in the wee hours of the
morning from IceSpark’s CCS bout in Toledo.  The game was great, but
since I had to work at 7 AM Sunday morning, IceSpark wound up driving
all the way back.  Work was busy with trouble tickets, and by the time
I escaped I was exhausted and sleepy.  I met salamander42, lildomino,
and pandara for dinner, and then lay down for a “two hour nap” that
lasted until morning.

Last Monday after work I picked up IceSpark and we went to Ellenberger
Park for endurance practice.  It was hot as hell at the practice
space, and I had a hard time keeping up with most of the drills.
After we stumbled back to IceSpark’s I grabbed a quick shower and
hurried onto the MUX.  Unfortunately, practice got out so late and I
was so exhausted I didn’t stay on long before I had to go to bed and
pass out.

Tuesday night’s practice was a lot of fun, especially after Monday’s
grueling endurance practice.  After work I was feeling discouraged and
didn’t really want to go, but once I got there and got warmed up I had
a really good time.  For the first time ever in team sports I was
anxious to go next, rather than just hiding in the back hoping not to
get noticed.  I still dragged and fell more than just about anyone
else, but it was fun to scrimmage, and I’m grokking the strategies
more and more in practice every time I play.

I helped run a really fun scene Wednesday night on tfumux.  In the
Shattered Glass universe, Evil Optimus and Jetfire fought heroic
Scourge and Shockwave, with Octane in the background, bravely risking
life and limb to keep the forcefields working that protect the
citizens of Kaon and their precious fuel.  The marauding Autobots were
driven off and the forces of good were triumphant!  ;)  Desm, Scourge
and Semcca are awesome RPers, and I had a great time.

Thursday I got to hang out with LilDomino while we were both awake and
energetic, which was a nice change.  After work she had already eaten,
but wanted to go out for ice-cream and to pick up a power drill to
install new blinds in her bedroom to keep out the light so she could
sleep during the day.  I grabbed food while we were out, and when we
got back to LilDomino’s she finished a cover letter and then we headed
to her bedroom to install blinds.  We put laundry away and snuggled,
enjoying the rare wakeful time together.

Friday was an up and down day in terms of productivity and stress.  I
had the day off, so I slept in and then had a lovely lunch with Stsm.
When Pandara got home, I skipped bout setup to spend some time with
her.  She and I had an hours-long talk that was difficult but good for
our relationships long-term.  We had a late dinner and I missed the
condom crawl promo event, but it was worth it to have resolved some
lingering stress.

Saturday was the first home bout for the Race City Rebels, followed in
a double-header by the Circle City Socialites.  Unfortunately both our
teams lost, but it was very interesting to see my team play in a real
game, especially if I’m going to be joining them on the track soon.
Their opponents, the Magic City Misfits, were quite impressive.  After
the bout, IceSpark and I were tired (just from watching and helping
out!), so we skipped the after-party and just hit Perkins before going
back to IceSpark’s to sleep.

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