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Week in Review - 2010.03.21 - 03.27

This has been an odd week, mostly because I’m working 7:30 AM to 4 PM, which is six hours earlier than my normal shift. I’m not getting any sleep, but I am enjoying getting to see people before 11 PM on a week night. I got to go out to the Pretty Things Peepshow Thursday night, which was awesome, and I’m spending the weekend hiding out and celebrating icespark’s birthday with her, which has been fun and relaxing.

Monday I had derby practice. It’s exciting that my schedule allows me to attend weekday practices this week and next. However, since I haven’t really been on skates in weeks, I felt like I backslid a lot and struggled more than I improved. After practice I got on the MUX, although by the time I got logged in it was so late I might have well been on my evening work schedule. I did get to play some scenes both personal and plot-advancing with SpikeWitwicky, so at least I got something done online.

Tuesday was IceSpark’s birthday. I originally had the day off, but had to give it up to stay in East training at work. She had to work anyway, so I just went to her place after I escaped and we drove up to Carmel to go to Kona Grill. The food was excellent, and definitely worth going out of our way for IceSpark’s birthday. When we got back to IceSpark’s I napped while IceSpark watched TV, and then we snuggled and spent time together before bed.

Wednesday was derby practice again. I did a little better than Monday, although I still had to drop out or skip a lot of the more advanced drills. Still, I got some basics help from an experienced derby girl, and I did extra core so my muscles are nicely sore the next day. After practice I went to lildomino’s to shower and hang out with her while we played on the Internets and looked at cool things we wanted to buy. I was dead tired from practice but still managed not to fall asleep until late in the AM.

Thursday was the Pretty Things Peepshow, which was awesome! pandara came to my apartment after she got off work, and soon after LilDomino joined us. The three of us went to the bar where the event was taking place, meeting Adshru and salamander42 there with stephaniebcl joining us a little later. The show was very entertaining – ultra-sexy burlesque with sideshow attractions in between, including fire-eating and sword-swallowing. Heather Holiday is sooooo cute, and StephanieBCl is definitely inspired.

Friday IceSpark and I had a CCS/RCR promotional event downtown, so we got to go on a pub crawl with a big bunch of other derby girls and guys. I had a lot of fun – bars aren’t usually my scene, but it was wonderful to get a chance to hang out and socialize with other members of my league outside my practice, where I’m usually a little too busy trying to catch up with everyone else to get to know anyone. Owen organized everything and Mr. and Mrs. Booty drove us around, and IceSpark and I had a great time.

Yesterday IceSpark and I were determined to hide out and avoid any of the very tempting social offers sent our way, since we are usually so massively over-scheduled we get burnt out quickly. After sleeping in we resisted doing errands and instead went out to The Journey for dinner, stopping at sex shops and comic shops on the way. After dinner we went back to my apartment where we played Icewind Dale II until the wee hours of the morning.

This morning IceSpark and I woke up early to have breakfast with Dawi and deniba (breaking our no-plans vow only for someone visiting from out of state that we haven’t seen in years). After conversation and food IceSpark and I headed back to my apartment, where we succumbed to the need for productivity. I got paperwork done while she helped me straighten my apartment (apparently now an IceSpark-birthday tradition), and now I’m posting this quickly and then we’re going out to dinner.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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